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Mannequins, hats and greenhouses: restaurants have found creative ways to keep their distance

The whole world loosens quarantine restrictions due to coronavirus and open cafes and restaurants. But since the epidemic has not yet ended, employees and customers will have to maintain a social distance. Entrepreneurs from around the world have already figured out how to organize work so as not to jeopardize people's health. Edition Incrussia collected original ways to distance employees and visitors of a restaurant, museum, fitness club and other institutions.

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Dolls and toys

Visitors physically will not be able to sit closer than they should if the place next to them is occupied by a teddy bear or mannequin.

So, in the luxury restaurant The Inn in Little Washington, empty seats were taken by mannequins in vintage clothes of the 40s. The chef of the restaurant hopes that with their help, social distancing will become less awkward.

Five Dock Dining, an Australian restaurant, features cardboard seats for visitors. Like live guests, they drink coffee, talk on the phone or eat.

In the Forest Animal restaurant of the Japanese Izu-Shaboten zoo, the company is made up of plush toys in the form of animals living in it - capybaras, small pandas and giraffes.

The guests of the Maison Saigon restaurant, where soft toys are also sitting opposite the guests, admitted that thanks to the toys they better understand where to sit and feel less lonely.


In some museums and catering establishments, hats with wide brim are handed out to guests so that they cannot get close to each other.

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After quarantine, straw hats began to be handed out to visitors to the Rothe cafe in the German city of Schwerin, to which swimming sticks were attached (they are called aquapalks). Such hats help visitors not get closer to each other closer than 1,5 meters.

In the German Burger King, huge sombrero crowns were distributed to visitors. Giant hats help guests to distance themselves "fashionably", according to the network.

In order to maintain social distance, the 59 Rivoli Gallery in Paris was given visitors papier-mâché hats that resemble the headgear of the inhabitants of ancient China. The wings of the hats are long enough for people to stay at a distance of a meter from each other.

Contactless delivery

In order for the waiters and barista to communicate with the guests as little as possible, in catering establishments they invent unusual devices for contactless delivery of orders.

Cyclista Espresso Bar in New Zealand delivers coffee to visitors by rail. A toy train with a special car for cups is connected to the remote control, which is located next to the coffee machine. And for the “loaded train” to go to the guests, the barista only needs to press one button.

In another New Zealand coffee house, Kiwi Coffee Shop, things were simpler: there, they convey coffee to guests using a two-meter rail and a tray.

In South Korean Daejeon, the barista robot replaced almost all the coffee shop staff. He knows how to accept and issue orders, as well as make 60 types of coffee. Now in the two-story institution there is only one employee left - the confectioner, the rest of the work is done by robots.

An even more original way, so that visitors did not even see couriers or sellers, was invented at the Bernal Bakery in San Francisco, where they deliver orders with a cable and basket. Buyers place and pay for the order on the site of the bakery, come and ring the doorbell, and after confirming the order, a basket of pastries comes down to them through the rope.


The easiest way to isolate visitors is to separate them with partitions.

In the Pure Fitness gym in Hong Kong, plastic barriers were installed between the simulators - and now each visitor has a separate booth for training.

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The Mediamatic ETEN restaurant in Amsterdam went even further, where guests are invited to take a table in the tulip greenhouse. Each booth can fit up to three people. And the food in the restaurant is served on long trays to keep visitors away from the waiters.

At Twisted Citrus Cafe in Ohio, visitors were simply divided by screens that looked like mobile bath curtains.

French restaurant HAND has placed protective shades of transparent plastic in the shape of a cone over the seats for guests. They are located on the ceiling on special cables, and the visitor himself can adjust their height. Such a “shield” does not interfere with communication and helps maintain social distance.

Finally, the Japanese chain Sushiro has built an entire restaurant so that guests can enjoy rolls alone and not contact anyone sitting in a separate “capsule”. Inside each capsule there are sets of devices, sauces, napkins, a mixer and a mirror. The order is placed on the restaurant’s tablet right at the table, after which the guest picks up the finished order from the conveyor belt.

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