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Trump's rating on the list of billionaires fell by almost 300 positions

From the beginning of his presidency in January 2017 until he left office a few months ago Donald Trump's fortune fell by almost a third - from $ 3,5 billion to $ 2,4 billion. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 index rose by 70%. Writes about it Forbes.

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Every investor at some point scolded himself for holding assets for too long. However, perhaps no one has made such a grandiose miscalculation as Trump. By refusing to get rid of his portfolio after taking office, Trump missed out on a chance to capitalize on the market boom he fueled.

If he had sold everything on the first day, paid the maximum capital gains taxes on sales, and then poured the proceeds into the S&P 500 fund, he would have ended his presidency roughly $ 1,6 billion richer.

Currently, his fortune is estimated at $ 2,4 billion, which could lay claim to 1299th place on the Forbes list of billionaires, up from 1001st last year. Trump is actually richer than he was a year ago, but he couldn't keep up with the other billionaires on the list whose fortunes have skyrocketed.

Some properties owned by Trump have risen in price during this time, but others have fallen in value very much.

6 East 57th Street - New York
  • Net Value: $ 148 million
  • Changes in value during the Trump presidency: - $ 217 million

Online shopping has wreaked havoc on buildings like this. It was once one of the busiest shopping centers in the world.

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40 Wall Street - New York
  • Total cost: $ 304 million
  • Debentures: $ 137 million
  • Net Value: $ 168 million
  • Changes in value during the Trump presidency: - $ 195 million

Profits in the Trump financial district tower, home to dozens of small firms, fell 32% in the first three quarters of 2020.

555 California St - San Francisco
  • How Much Trump Owns: 30% of shares in the complex
  • Total cost: $ 1,9 billion
  • Debentures: $ 538 million
  • Net Value: $ 422 million
  • Changes in value during the Trump presidency: + $ 102 million

Trump's two main tenants, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, stepped back from Trump following the Capitol riot. However, both renewed their leases at the Trump building.

Hotel Management & Licensing
  • Net Value: $ 57 million
  • Changes in value during the Trump presidency: - $ 163 million

Trump's branding business hasn't benefited from four years of polarization and a January 6 Capitol riot. Several companies have removed Trump's name from the list of companies they do business with.

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Trump National Doral - Miami
  • Total cost: $ 135 million
  • Debentures: $ 125 million
  • Net Value: $ 10 million
  • Changes in value during the Trump presidency: - $ 160 million

Business at this golf resort was bad even before the pandemic. Then revenue fell more than 40%. With Deutsche Bank's $ 2023 million debt to be repaid in 125, it is rumored that the Trump Organization may consider turning the property into a casino.

Mar-a-Lago - Florida
  • Net Value: $ 250 million
  • Changes in value during the Trump presidency: + $ 75 million

When the coronavirus broke out, residents of the northeast rushed south, while those living in Florida stayed where they were. Huge demand and limited supply were welcome news for state homeowners, including Trump. He bought the Palm Beach Club, where he settled after leaving DC in 1985, for about $ 10 million.

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