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Trump can wish you a happy birthday: how to order a service

On the new the official website 45 US President, an unusual service has appeared: now Donald and Melania Trump can congratulate you or the one whose name you indicate in a special form on important holidays.

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“Thank you for your interest in welcoming Donald Trump and Melania Trump on your special occasion. It can take up to 6 weeks to process your request. Due to the large number of congratulations the President and Mrs Trump receive, we will not be providing status updates. Also, do not resubmit your request. Duplicate requests will replace the original claims and therefore result in significant processing delays.

Thank you for your understanding", - stated on the site.

Under this message there is formwhich offers a list of holidays:

  • Birthday (adult, child, veteran)
  • Serviceman retirement
  • Wedding
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Condolences
  • Birth of a child
  • Graduation
  • Scout awards (girls and boys)

Next, you are asked to fill in the information about the person to be congratulated and who leaves the application.

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How to get congratulations from Hollywood stars

You can select a celebrity and receive a personalized video greeting from her using Cameo. This is a paid service. The system gives you access to famous actors, entertainers, athletes and influencers to record a birthday wish that you can include in VidDay Birthday Video.

Here are some steps:

Step 1. Visit

Open your internet browser and visit

Step 2. Choose a celebrity

There are many famous people in Cameo. With a roster of celebrities so vast, it might seem like you're trying to pick a TV show or movie to watch on Netflix. If you know who you are looking for, your best bet is to use the search bar in the upper right corner to enter their name.

Don't remember the name of the celebrity? No problem. You can search in the category section. You can also search for titles such as Disney, Game of Thrones, Football, Bachelor, and even King of the Tigers.

Once you've chosen your option, you can view prices, ratings, and a few examples of video messages. If you like what you see, you can select Request to continue.

Step 3. Create a Cameo account

You can quickly create an account using your Facebook credentials or email address. Cameo will ask you for your name, your date of birth, and your email address. Then you create a password.

If you have an account, Cameo will notify you when the video you have booked is ready. Plus, the celebrities you order can answer questions as you request.

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Step 4. Order a video

Fill out the short form on the website.

When writing instructions on demand, try to be as specific as possible. Tell them about your relationship with the recipient, relevant dates or numbers (such as the year of birth), and any other important details.

Something like that:

“My husband (Steve) turns 35 on Sunday. Please congratulate him on his birthday from me (Kate). We've been together for four years and met when we were planting trees in British Columbia. He's a big fan of yours - a birthday greeting from you would have delighted him! ”

Once you have completed the on-demand instruction, you will provide your contact and billing information. It's all. Everything is ready to order your special birthday wish from Cameo. Hurrah!

What to expect next:

  • Celebrities have a set time limit to complete video requests.
  • Your receipts and order updates are sent to the email address provided in the Shipping Information section.
  • When your request is complete, an email and text message will be sent to you with a link to watch, post or download your video.
  • Head over to the VidDay website to upload a video to the birthday event page from VidDay.

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