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Long legs and tonsils removed: 20 reasons why you can be dropped out of the plane

Anyone who has ever flown an airplane knows that the crew will not tolerate brawlers, drunks and smokers on board. Such people are quickly escorted out of the plane and forgot about them as a nightmare. However, some airlines are so picky that they can remove a passenger from a flight, even because of his inappropriate attire or a phrase that he says poorly. Writes about it

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So that nothing could spoil your vacation or business trip, you need to be fully armed and know the craziest requirements of air carriers.

Cheating stewardess. Imagine a situation: you fly first or business class, and your beloved friends languish in the "economy", and you decide to treat your comrades with drinks from your expensive menu. Never do this: flight attendants will decide that you are a scammer. Champagne and elite snacks from the 1 class can not be taken to other compartments of the aircraft, otherwise you will be blacklisted by the airline or drop off during transit.

Too long legs. In fact, people of high stature should take care of booking comfortable seats themselves. However, if there was no such place and you decided to stretch your legs into the aisle between the seats, then you will be asked to sit down as expected, and if you refuse, they can simply do this don't give fly away. It’s all about safety rules: the passage should always be clear so as not to interfere with the operation of the flight attendants or evacuation.

Hallucinations and just weird behavior. After the tragic events of 11 of September 2001 of the year, people are wary of fellow travelers (and rightly so). Passengers who chase invisible butterflies around the cabin, talk to an imaginary friend or behave eccentrically, will be sure to notice and report the crew to them. Well, the commander can accept decision emergency landing. For inappropriate behavior, the passenger faces a subpoena and serious fines.

Lack of underwear. In fact, airlines do not care what you are wearing, but sometimes a bold outfit can cause you to be taken off the flight. Passenger will not let on a plane, if they think that he hasn’t put on underwear (this can confuse fellow travelers), and even if his jeans have too low a seat, so it is seen linen.

Dissatisfaction with screaming children. The child’s hysteria on board is a nightmare of any normal person. But from the point of view of the company, fellow travelers have understand and forgive the baby and parents, and not resent. Therefore, not a screaming child will be removed from the flight, but the one who is indignant too loudly.

E-cigarettes. Vapes and other tobacco smoking devices trigger a fire alarm just like cigarettes. This is an emergency: in some cases the pilot is forced to lower to turn off the alarm, or even land the plane. And this is a loss of time and money. In US airlines, smoking an electronic cigarette can cost $ 10 thousand and lead to a lifetime banu.

Allergy to animals and nuts. To some passengers refuse boarding a flight due to an allergy to cats being transported in the cabin, as well as an allergy to Nuts. Carriers will not bother with air purification or change the entire diet because of one person and simply take him out of the plane.

Trying to touch or move other things. If your belongings didn’t have enough space in your hand luggage compartment, this is not a reason to get someone else’s bag and put yours there. For arbitrariness ship crew can ask you to leave the cabin before departure.

Push and pull doors for emergency evacuation (and even talk about it). For a resident of the UK a threat to open an evacuation door ended a fine of $ 100 thousand and a life ban on flights. Law enforcement agencies even had to call the fighters who accompanied the plane with a violent woman because of the threat of a terrorist attack.

Body odor too pungent. Crew can refuse boarding a person who smells of unwashed body or stale socks if traveling companions complain about him. Airlines want to earn more money and place seats too close to each other, but still they try to take care of the comfort of passengers and listen to their complaints. It is easier for the crew to drop one bad-smelling person than to listen to the protests of a dozen passengers.

Overweight. Some airlines not allowed on a flight of obese people, because they can’t fasten their seatbelt, and they also hamper their neighbors. If a person is so full that he is crossing over the armrest, he will offer pay for 2 seats or leave the cabin.

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Suspicious sneezing. During the avian or swine flu epidemic massively not allowed on the plane. Often these people did not have any flu, but suspicious sneezing or watery eyes made crew members alert. And the medical mask will not help here: you will be offered to recover or take off on another flight, where the crew is not so suspicious.

Trying to get drunk on the toilet. Many airlines are opposed to having passengers drink their alcohol - for this you may fine. Firstly, you steal the profit of the air carrier, and secondly, the crew is fully responsible for the health of the passenger in flight, and if he gets drunk some nasty things, the ship's commander and flight attendants will have to bear responsibility.

Take off your shoes if you are over 5 years old. One major airline has installed rule - in flight it is forbidden to take off shoes and socks for everyone except children under 5 years and people who need it for medical reasons (edema, heart disease).

The age of the passenger is too small. United Airlines and other large companies do not accept on board passengers who are not yet 7 days old.

You can’t have funeral ceremonies before landing. Some airlines prohibit arrange mourning events, even if they are the remains of a very close person.

“Wrong” insoles in shoes. Passengers who wear gel or silicone insoles may be asked breake down with their sneakers or throw away the liners. It's all about liquid filler, which is considered potentially dangerous.

Tonsils removed and broken legs. If you have recently broken your leg, undergone tonsillectomy or any other medical intervention, check if you are allowed to fly. Some carriers not allowed people after tonsillectomy surgery for 4 weeks (due to risk of bleeding). But the plaster cast will provide medical attention for a day or two due to possible edema of the limb.

Be quiet or be shocked. Korean Air crews allowed wear tasers (stun guns of non-lethal action), what stewardesses do with might and main. Over the year, fragile girls neutralized 5 hooligans.

Perform conjugal duty in the toilet of an airplane. In English there is slang the expression mile high club (“a mile high club”). It refers to people who have entered into an intimate relationship on board an airplane. In fact, companies have no special rule in this regard, so technically this is completely legal. However, some carriers ban for life carnal lovers or take off from a transit flight.

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Bonus: you can be kicked out for no particular reason

In the 50s, American carriers noticed that almost 10% of passengers are not regularly on flights, which causes financial losses. Then the companies together came up with a system overbooking: sell more tickets for a flight than there are seats on the plane. So carriers were able to recoup their losses, but passengers suffered.

You can ask for free space in 2 cases: if any VIP guest or company employee desperately needs to fly away or if too many tickets have been sold. Unfortunately, in this situation, the passenger is powerless and will have to comply. Depending on the country where the airline operates, you may provide another flight, pay compensation, or just apologize to you.

In any case, it is necessary to complain, but the trial may take up to 3 months.

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