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Do promotional flights really help us save money?

“While working at home, I received a newsletter stating that JetBlue Airlines arranged a sale on Halloween. One-way US flights advertised on the 31 dollar, including taxes and fees. But there was a catch: the flight price was valid only on 31 of October, that is, Halloween itself, and it was possible to book the day before and during the day, ”the blogger said in an article for USA Today.

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Next - from the first person.

I don’t know if I would have used this offer myself or not if I hadn’t received a task from my editor to book a flight.

I went to the JetBlue website, clicking between directions from John F. Kennedy New York International Airport to Boston; Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Nantucket, Massachusetts and Phoenix, trying to find the best flight time and place to book a day trip. Refreshing the page, prices for different flights grew, and tickets quickly ran out.

Finally, I settled on Charleston, South Carolina. A city where I have never been, but have always been interested in him.

I had two windows open on the screen - the flights were only one way, so I bought two one-way tickets from New York to Charleston and back. When booking, the site freezes.

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I started to get nervous. Did my order pass? What if I could only book a round-trip ticket?

Then came the confirmation of the reservation and relief came. Two round-trip tickets cost me 60,6 dollars for each, which is slightly cheaper than the declared 31 dollars.

Although my flights cost 60,6 dollars in both directions, including fees, the trip itself was much more expensive:

  • Flight from New York to Charleston: $ 30.30
  • Charleston to New York Flight: $ 30,30
  • Drive Uber at 2 hours of the night to JFK: $ 57,71
  • Granola bar + chewing gum at the airport: 6,51 $
  • Water at the airport: $ 2,71
  • Bus to city center: $ 3,50
  • Breakfast: 19,65 $
  • Salad: 16,21 $
  • Uber to Charleston Airport from the city center: $ 22,88
  • Airport Snack: $ 17
  • JFK Lyft Ride: 68,88 $

Total cost: $ 275,65

In fact, I could save more money if I could find another way to get to and from the airport. I booked two trips with Uber and Lyft, which cost more than a one-way ticket.

When planning a trip, it is important to think about other cost factors besides the tickets themselves, including a trip to and from the airport, parking, meals, transportation to the destination and so on.

Indeed, it is easy to focus solely on booking a promotional offer without taking into account other expenses.

But a week later the same flight from New York International John F. Kennedy to Charleston, cost 248 dollars. A return flight to New York with a similar schedule cost 248 dollars - 435 dollars more expensive than the flights I booked.

So is it worth it at the last moment to buy a ticket for sale?

I enjoyed the day trip to Charleston and know that I want to visit this city again. But for a person with full employment, taking leave from work due to the sale of air tickets is less appropriate. Not to mention that the trip took more than 20 hours. I woke up at 1: 30 in the morning to get to the airport for the flight at 5: 30 in the morning, and returned by taxi home from the airport around 9 in the evening.

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So, although the day was active, I don’t think that a last-minute day trip is practical.

Tips on how to book a sale ticket

All factors must be taken into account: the day of the week, the opportunity to take a day off and a place to relax if the trip lasts longer than a day.
Although travel in connection with sales is not always ideal for everyday life, they can be really profitable and give a lot of pleasure.

Here's how to keep track of your next air ticket sale:

  • Stay on top of recurring promotions. This was not the first special Halloween JetBlue; they offered Halloween tickets for the 31 dollar last time.
  • Follow your favorite airlines on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They report ticket sales and other promotions there.
  • Keep an eye on airline ticket sites.
  • Stay on top of new rates. The forum has a whole topic about so-called erroneous fares and other short-term offers for travelers who are looking for cheap trips to maintain frequent flyer status.
  • Do not waste time when you see a profitable sale of tickets. They can be snapped up quickly.
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