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What you need to know if you want to have a pet in America

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

“Whiskers, paws and tail - these are my documents,” the cat Matroskin from Prostokvashino said confidently. And if for the CIS countries such an answer would be quite normal, then in the USA the animals must have documents. And plus to this - a compulsory license, which is bought every year, all the necessary vaccinations and a medallion with data on the collar.

ForumDaily figured out what to do to legalize your pet in America. And where better to buy it, if you think about a new member of your family.

How did the Permian dog Bradley have American documents?


Yuri Bocharov and his dog Bradley. Photo: from the personal archive

Cane Corso dog named Bradley is already 3, he lives in the United States. From his native Perm to the city of Louisville, Connecticut, he moved with his masters when they won the green card. Yuri Bocharov, the head of the family, says: it was even more difficult to collect all the documents for a dog than to arrange a move for yourself, the wife and the children.

“I just got tired of collecting all these pieces of paper. You take a dog, drag it to the other end of the city, sit in line for a single reference. And so - several times, ”says Yuri.

Upon arrival, the former Russian did not even think at first that Bradley needed to be registered. And for some time the dog lived as in Russia - only with a veterinary passport. But then an unpleasant incident occurred: a neighbor complained about the dog to the police - it seemed to him that it was barking too loudly. Then Yuri began to analyze in detail the legislation of the state and read that for a dog, it turns out, a license is required.

“First, we went to the vet, where the dog was examined and vaccinated, which we needed. And then, already at home, I filled out an online application for a license, where it was necessary to indicate the number of the veterinary clinic and the number of vaccinations. Then he paid, and three weeks later the badge came by mail, ”Yuri recalls.

The badge shows the owner's phone number and the license number, which must be renewed every year. And every year the color of the medallion will be different. It is not difficult to find where to apply - you just have to write the dog license and the name of the city in the search engine. The desired site will appear immediately. For example, like this online licensing looks like in washington. Keep in mind that when moving from state to state, you will have to repeat the procedure again. For cats, these rules also apply.

Every dog ​​in the USA must have a license

dog wearing red sunglasses leaning out


The main answer to the question “why does my dog ​​have a license?” Is very simple: the law requires it. Site Doglaw gives a simple example: having a dog without a license is the same as driving a car without a driver's license. You move freely on the streets and highways, but only until the first stop by the police or the first incident on the road. That is, until the neighbors complained about your dog or she bit someone, you are unlikely to encounter the Animal Control Service. But if the above cases do happen, you will have to pay a fine for the lack of a license many times more than the annual price for a license. For example, legalizing a dog for a year costs an average of $ 20-30. And the fine, depending on the state, is about $ 250.

By the way, a license for an unserialized dog will cost more. “I was immediately offered to castrate Bradley. I refused, so I pay $ 50 a year, ”says Yuri Bocharov.

In addition, the resulting medallion will help you find a dog or cat faster if they are lost. And such animals have a better chance of surviving - in case of capturing unlicensed pets "animal control" can simply put them to sleep.

Another important point is the ability to sue if you believe the dog has been stolen. Similar would qualify as a crime only if, again, the dog has a license.

Where to get a pet

1 Option: Shelter

Shelter in Arlington, Va. Photo: Lesya Bakalets

Shelter in Arlington, Va. Photo: Lesya Bakalets

If you came to the country without animals and decided to have a pet in a new place, the best option (and also economical) is to contact local shelters.

“Please don't buy animals! Take better from the shelter - in this way you will save 2 lives at once: you give one animal a home, and thereby make room for another homeless, "says Chelsea Lindsay from"Animal Charity League ” in arlington, virginia.

The girl conducts a tour for ForumDaily at the shelter and in parallel tells that all the animals are here - either lost or abandoned by their owners. But not abandoned on the street. In the USA, if a person, for some reason, can no longer keep an animal, he brings it to a shelter.

Chesley and one of the orphanage pets. Photo: Lesya Bakalets

Chesley Lindsay and one of the orphanage pets. Photo: Lesya Bakalets

There is everything here: cats, dogs, and even ferrets. “If they bring us, for example, a snake, and the person proves that he is a resident of Arlington, we will accept it,” Chelsea assures.

The first thing to ask potential owners of an animal is to fill out a form. There will be questions about where you live, whether there is permission from the landlord if the apartment is rented, and what is the area of ​​the property.

“We ask if there are children and how old they are. This will help you find the right dog or cat that suits you best. After all, it so happens that a client likes a dog, which, for example, does not like to share toys or food. And there is a small child in the house. That is, the conflict is inevitable. In this case, we recommend seeing other animals, ”explains Chelsea.

She shows the cat room first. There are no cells here. Each has its own small apartment - 2 floors, toys, and one of the walls is glass. Through it, potential owners observe the animals. “They seem to have a small apartment here,” the girl jokes.


Cat Yoda, whom Roman took from a shelter. Photo: from the personal archive

In one of the similar shelters of his cat, Yodo, he was found by a former Kiev resident Roman Shishkin. He moved to Florida about 2 years ago. As soon as he settled in a new place, he immediately thought of a pet. He says that there were several shelters in the district, and he simply chose the nearest one.

“After we looked at the cats through the glass, on a special form, we wrote out the numbers of those whom we would like to see closer. Then we were invited to another room, where the cats were taken in turn. We chose as many as 3 options, but Yoda was shown first, and we settled on him, ”says Roman.


Documents, free food and insurance are the kit that Roman received with the kitten. Photo: from personal archive

Roman could not take the animal right away: first, Yoda had a vasectomy - the seminal canals were blocked. In the traditional way, cats are not neutered in this shelter, so that such an operation does not affect their behavior in the future.

“Then I paid $ 50 - this is the price for the operation. We also received insurance for $ 300, a list of clinics the shelter cooperates with, and a detailed plan - when and what vaccinations to do, ”the guy recalls.

All shelters do sterilization of dogs, cats and even rabbits. Moreover, Chelsea strongly recommends: if you bought a dog or gave it to you - do not be lazy to organize such an operation. “Most people after the birth of puppies just don't know what to do with them. This is how the number of shelter residents grows, ”says the girl.

Option 2: buy from breeders



It's another matter if you want to breed dogs professionally, that is, become a breeder. Yuri was already thinking about such activities. Says his Bradley is a very expensive breed. “You could also bring a girl here and sell puppies for $ 3-4 thousand. But this requires both a license and conditions. So for now I decided to postpone this idea, ”he says.

The price for a puppy, which was announced by Yuri, is quite real. Purebred dogs and cats are expensive in principle, and especially in the USA. But when deciding to spend the money, check the breeder carefully first, Chelsea advises.

“Sometimes these are just incubators, where puppies are kept in terrible conditions, and the producer dog gives birth and gives birth without interruption. As a result, the offspring is weak and sick. "

Often, such dogs, if animal advocates pay attention to the breeder, end up in shelters, and often, Chelsea Lindsay says, they cannot be saved.

Therefore, it is important to check whether the breeder is in the list of dog organizations. For example, in American Kennel club. And be sure to personally come for a puppy. No home delivery, Chelsea warns, as you have to see with your own eyes what conditions animals live in. In addition, you need not only to look at the puppy, but also to see his mother. Because often for the presentation of the kids transferred to beautiful baskets or boxes, while the dog-mother lives in the barn.

Expensive pleasure



Think about whether you can feed, and most importantly - treat your pet? This is the question Chelsea asks everyone who comes to the shelter. She says she knows how expensive it is: “I had a cat who was diagnosed with some kind of infection. The treatment cost me $ 3. ” Of course, you can buy insurance for an animal, but the system will work the same as with people - the more the policy covers, the more expensive it is. And often emergency cases are simply not included in the insurance.

In addition, consider the price of vaccination and feed (in the US, it is not customary to feed dogs or cats with human food) and everyday care - for example, walking services. The sum is round. Chelsea says that is why she now has no animals - she felt that she simply could not afford to even have a cat, let alone a dog.

But in general, the United States is just a paradise for animals. Roman says: the veterinarian makes an appointment at a specific time, there is no need to sit in queues, the service is always at the level. Moreover, his cat Yoda periodically receives letters and postcards from the clinic - reminding about vaccinations. It says so: dear Yoda, we are waiting for you at the reception. "

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