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Main expenses for keeping pets in the USA

If you decide to succumb to the entreaties of children and still have a pet, then you need to understand how much it will cost. It does not matter whether you take the animal from a local shelter or buy from a breeder. In addition to the basic costs - food, toys and veterinary care (including sterilization) - other expenses are waiting for you, which people usually don’t think about when choosing a four-legged friend.

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Delivery of the animal home

In some cases, additional costs may be revealed even before you bring your "ball" home. If, for example, you don't live next door to a breeder, you need to arrange transportation for the animal, says American Kennel Club vice president Gina DiNardo.

If you need to transport a dog in an airplane, you will have to spend money on a special container for animals that must meet the current requirements of the International Air Transport Association. In the container, your pet will travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

If you plan to take the dog with you on board, you need to purchase a bag or box for carrying an animal that will fit under the seat in front of you. In addition, you will have to pay the airline a couple hundred dollars for your friend's journey.

Daily care and babysitting services

Many pet owners do not think that their pets need everyday care. And if you are going somewhere to go on a weekend, it may be necessary to hand over a dog or cat to the hotel for animals. Of course, in the event that none of the relatives or friends will be able to look after your pet.

In addition, according to Caroline Evans, the organizer of the annual forum in Cincinnati for those who want to shelter dogs and cats, people sometimes forget that they need to walk with their pets every day, and with certain breeds they do certain exercises. During the day, if you do not have time, you will also have to pay for pet care services.

Prices on the market for animal care services may vary in each city. In large cities, finding private helpers or hotels for animals is much easier, but their services will be more expensive than similar ones in a small town. According to the portal Angie's List, day care for dogs costs, on average, $ 42. A 15 minute walk with one dog costs $ 15-17, reports TOEach additional pet will cost $ 10.

Vaccination and treatment for parasites

Reputable breeders and many shelters usually have one or two vaccinations at their own expense, but just in case, ask if you’d then have to pay for this service separately. In addition, puppies or kittens will need extra care when you bring them home.

“Make sure your pet has gone through the necessary procedures and received a health certificate, which you will then need to present to your veterinarian,” advises Jodelle Raymond, director of marketing and communications for the Cat Fanciers Association. "Such a document will allow you to understand what vaccinations an animal needs in the short and long term."

To keep your pet healthy, he needs an annual check-up at the vet. The cost of standard tests for puppies up to a year varies between $ 45 and $ 200. In subsequent years, this amount will be halved. Vaccines can cost around $ 150 per year. It should also be noted that preparations for large dogs are more expensive. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, on average, veterinary care for dogs takes $ 235 per year, for cats, $ 196.

Chronic or specific diseases

No one wants to think about it, especially when a tiny charming creature crosses the threshold of a house, but some animals are more prone to health problems than others. First of all, when they start to get old.

“There are dog breeds that are prone to certain injuries, including hip dysplasia, or have problems during pregnancy,” says Caroline Evans. You can minimize the risk by finding a trustworthy breeder and purchasing the pet from them, or by choosing a breed that is not susceptible to health problems. However, no one can guarantee that your pet will never get sick.

If you are opting for a purebred dog over a mongrel, make sure you are aware of all the possible problems and costs that this decision may entail. Pet insurance, which can cost a couple hundred dollars a year, is a good option, but be sure to read everything that is usually written in small print. Some specific conditions, including hip dysplasia or widespread knee injuries, may not be covered.

Lifespan your pet

Not all people know how many years a cat can live. Jodel Raymond says that at home cats usually live 14-15 for years and more. The same can live many dogs, especially small ones. Therefore, when you buy an animal or take it from a shelter, take into account the fact that your obligations to care for a pet can stretch for many years.

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