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What you can buy in America for $ 1: the experience of a Russian-speaking immigrant

Author of the channel "Let's wave to America" ​​on "Yandex.Zen" talks about his impressions of visiting popular “one dollar” stores in the United States. Further - from the first person.

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There are two fixed-price networks in the United States - the Dollar tree (where the prices are in dollar terms) and 99c (where the prices, respectively, indicate that everything is for 99 cents).

I like the last store more. Because subconsciously it seems that the product is cheaper if the price is in cents. Marketing what to say.

So, I’ll tell you what you can buy in America for 1 dollar (or rather, 99 cents).

Most of the store is occupied by shelves with small clothes (mainly for children) and toys. As well as household chemicals and products.

Everything in order.

For example, socks for children (sometimes 2-3 pairs per dollar, depending on the quality of the socks). The sizes are almost always childish, because it is much cheaper to produce clothes for a small child than for an adult.

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There are also various plain T-shirts and T-shirts for a child - also for a dollar.

I would take these to my child only if he certainly does not have an allergy to such tissue. And if he grew very fast. That it was not a pity to buy, and throw it away in a couple of months. Because the fabric is very bad.

But the price is good. In an ordinary store, they would cost 2-3 times more, if not more.

Also, for the dollar, various toys for children are sold here. Mostly made of plastic. All sorts of pistols, cars and dolls.

A large number of household chemicals are sold. A lot of brands of household chemicals are American, and therefore they cost almost as much as ours. For example, Comet detergent will cost $ 1.

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Well, and the products. Basically, only those products that are stored for a long time are on sale here. These are canned food, cereals and pasta.

So, a pack of pasta and spaghetti in a pound will cost $ 1, for packing rice or millet (900 grams) you will also need to pay only 99 cents.

There is practically no buckwheat here. They buy it up too quickly at that price - 99 cents per kilogram.

There is also 99 cents milk (but not 1 liter, but 900 ml).

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And, of course, pure water in bottles. One 5 liter bottle costs 99 cents (or 1,5 liter for a Coke can).

Also, there are often fruits and bread. White bread here is in the dollar area.

A banana pack of 1 kilogram (6 pieces) will also cost about a dollar. And in neighboring ordinary stores for 2-3 dollars.

And the eggs. Large and medium (in our opinion C0 and C1) will cost 1,79-2,79 dollars, but for small C2 the price will be 1 dollar.

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In principle, to buy food for one day, you will need about $ 6 (with a dozen eggs, water, buckwheat with pasta).

But while walking around the store, a lot of unnecessary things get into the basket, which you take simply because it is cheap - even if you did not want to take it initially.

True, mostly people do not risk taking food here. They do not trust small prices. Only household items.

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