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Working at Costco: how network employees benefit

The Costco network has made a name for itself in the food industry. Since 1983, the multinational membership club, whose goal is to offer famous brands in bulk at lower prices than competitors, has grown to become one of the largest retailers in the country. Fox Business. Although a large selection of products attracts a huge mass of people, thanks to the care of employees, the network has gathered a staff of more than 240 people around the world.

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And, according to Costco employees across the country, this work has many more advantages than it seems at first glance. With lifelong membership, scholarship programs, and competitive pay, it's no wonder the club has become one of the eight retailers on Glassdoor's list of the top 100 places to work in 2020.

An employee can earn from 15 to 29 dollars per hour, depending on their experience.

“Costco has been a leader in the warehouse club and retail industry for over three decades,” Costco CEO Craig Jelinek wrote in an employee manual. “There is no doubt that the most important factor in our success - and our greatest strength - is our people. Simply put, Costco's achievement as a company is directly related to our ability to attract, develop and retain the best people in the industry. ”

With that said, Fox Business decided to ask the employees themselves about the benefits that they consider important. Here is what they said.

Meeting with a future spouse or best friend

“Costco is more than a company, it's a family, and a family is a blessing wherever you are,” says Nelly, a Pennsylvania-based Costco employee.

A longtime Costco employee has watched the team develop relationships over and over again - be it a meeting with a future spouse, best friend, or a group of people who are becoming your second family. Managers also listen to employees when they need it, the woman added.

Free membership

Employees are eligible for free membership, which usually costs $ 120 a year. This bonus includes an additional card for the spouse or partner of the employee. After a certain time, employees are also issued two additional membership cards.

According to Nelly, the benefits of membership in the Executive program include getting a 2% discount on purchases, adding that this is just another way to help an employee feel they are appreciated.

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They get the best products first

Getting the most sought-after and long-awaited products for many buyers is another advantage of being online. Employees are not only the first to know about the stock assortment, but are usually the first to buy the goods. If a particular item isn't on the shelf, chances are it can be found stacked around the office and break room.

“It often happens that something is out of stock because we bought it all,” said a Costco employee in Ohio.

In addition, if employees work long enough, they get used to seasonal changes in stocks and know how to get items that remain in very limited quantities.

Employees know about them before you do, and “many of us buy them before you,” said the employee.

They will be the first to know about discounts.

“We see the discount before the buyers, and if it is profitable, we will buy these items,” said an employee from Ohio.

When something goes on sale, employees can post a product tag on a timer to alert colleagues about the discount.

“We often clean out the entire remaining assortment,” he added.

On holidays, many employees use this opportunity to purchase large quantities of toys and gifts.

Free Thanksgiving Turkey

The first thing Costco employees can add to their Thanksgiving list is Turkey. According to an employee from Ohio, about three weeks before a big holiday, employees receive a coupon for a free bird from the freezer. If an employee chooses not to take this opportunity, the company donates the turkey to the local food bank, Nelly added.

Are you hungry? No problems

Employees have an entire shift to take advantage of the free samples that Costco calls “demo stands.” According to John, Costco from Maryland, there are stands throughout the store that showcase products that the retailer wants to “show more,” including frozen foods, pastries, new grocery items, and groceries.

“Some employees go through the store to get each sample,” he said.

But that's not all. While employees can take lunch breaks and head out to the food court, many choose a lounge, which in some places looks more like a store with rows of vending machines, according to a California employee.

“[This is] a relatively new addition that is being rolled out in large warehouses,” said employee Steve. “Basically, it's like a gas station store with frozen and fresh food and snacks. The only difference is that the prices are more reasonable. "

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Free workout

Walking around the warehouse can be a workout in itself.

“I walk 15-000 steps a day, depending on how long my shift lasts and what I'm doing,” said an Ohio employee.

But walking is the least of that.

“When you see sacks of 50 lb (22,6 kg) flour, sugar, dog food, or cat litter stacked on pallets, you know they were folded by hand before the store opened,” says Rachel, a Costco employee in Colorado. ... “Ditto for giant shots of shoes and salsa bottles or five gallon jugs of vegetable oil. It's very hard work. "

Out-of-hours shopping

According to an employee in the state of Washington, the advantage of this work is that after hours employees can buy goods in a warehouse where there are practically no people.

“You can shop outside of business hours, and a lot of employees do,” says Kathleen, a Costco employee in Washington state. "The store will still have a checkout to serve employees so they can shop."

If you are interested in working at Costco, the network is now looking for employees due to increased workload during the coronavirus pandemic. You can learn more and apply at the official website.

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