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11 stores offering product delivery and pick-up during quarantine

During quarantine, it is advisable to interact with other people as little as possible, but during a trip to the store it is not so easy to maintain social distance. To make shopping easier for you, Reader's Digest has compiled a list of 11 stores that offer delivery and pick-up services - you get food as safely as possible.

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Target uses shipt to deliver products. Although Shipt requires a monthly membership fee, it is now offering a month for free as a trial period. You can also use the Target Drive Up service when employees load bags directly into your car.

  • Shipping Cost: $ 99 for Shipt Annual Subscription
  • Pickup cost: free

Amazon Fresh

There are several ways to deliver food with Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get fresh food, meat, dairy, and grocery items delivered to your door using Amazon Fresh.

  • Shipping Cost: Free for Amazon Prime Members


Aldi uses Instacart to order product delivery. You can get everything you need on the same day, when you want, without even leaving your home. You can also shop at and order curbside pickup pick-up service.

  • Shipping cost: $ 5,99
  • Pickup Cost: $ 4,99


The network offers various ways to get products without going to the store. On the website You can prepare the order for delivery or pickup.

  • Shipping cost: $ 9,95
  • Pickup cost: free


Сеть offers free pickup of grocery orders, as well as free delivery for orders of $ 30 or more. Choose the store nearest you and the products you need, and decide whether you want to pick them up yourself or order delivery.

  • Shipping cost: varies
  • Pickup cost: free

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East Coast residents have the opportunity to buy food in Wegmans with delivery or use the pick-up service. Using Instacart, you can ensure the safe execution of your orders.

  • Shipping cost: $ 5,99
  • Pickup cost: free


Costco offers delivery of products within two days. Your order will be shipped and delivered like any other product.

  • Delivery cost: free for orders from $ 75 and more
  • Pickup cost: free

Whole Foods

Сеть Offers free same-day shipping and product delivery for Amazon Prime members with orders over $ 35. If you are not a Prime member, you can request delivery of products for a small fee starting at $ 4,99.

  • Shipping Cost: Free for Amazon Prime Members
  • Pickup Cost: Free for Amazon Prime Members


Shops Albertsons offer several ways to get products of the main categories. When shopping on the site, you can prepare an order for delivery on the same day or for pickup.

  • Shipping Costs: Starting at $ 5,99
  • Pickup: $ 3,95 to $ 4,95, depending on location

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If you live in the southeastern region of the United States, there is a good chance that Publix - your local grocery chain. And that's good news, because the chain uses Instacart for grocery delivery and curbside pickup.

  • Shipping cost: varies
  • Pickup cost: varies

Sprouts Farmers Market

If you're a fan of this health-oriented grocery chain, you're in luck because Sprouts offers grocery delivery and pick-up at the store with support Instacart.

  • Shipping cost: starts at $ 3,99 plus 5% service charge
  • Pickup cost: starts at $ 1,99

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