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24 Costco Shopping Secrets Only Employees Know About

Learn how to shop right, get fresh pizza when you feel like it, and more. The store employee told Reader`s Digest basic tricks that will undoubtedly be useful to everyone. Here are his first-person tips.

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1. We move objects specially

In stores, we constantly change the location of the goods, so you may not always be able to find what you are looking for in the same place. The company calls this a "treasure hunt" and knows that the more time you spend searching, the more likely you are to spot and buy other items.

2. Leave the product in place if it sells well

When moving items, store employees pay attention to how the product is sold. If sales are excellent when placed at a certain point, then the goods will be left there.

3. Appreciate when you order in advance

Usually, we have enough promotional and popular products in stock, but the store appreciates pre-ordering to have time to get ready. Employees don't mind the extra effort, but they don't like telling customers that everything is already sold out.

4. Sooner or later, the sale will come

Want to know if you need to stock up on goods or wait? Most items will eventually go on sale, so it's worth the wait.

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5. You cannot find an employee in the department

Have a question about meat, but you don’t see a worker? Just knock on the door of the department and you will be happy to answer any of your questions.

6. Do not worry if you missed the sale

If you notice that the product you purchased at has fallen in price within 30 days from the date of purchase, submit an online request to refund the difference. Some stores offer the same benefits for in-store purchases, so go to the front desk to see if they can help.

7. Our grilled chickens are really good

No strange fillers are added to the store to sell the famous grilled chicken for $ 4,99. In fact, chickens can weigh twice as much as competitors. Seasonings such as sugar, salt and modified corn starch are added to the meat, but there are no preservatives, sodium glutamate, or artificial colors or flavors.

8. Listen to the bell

If you hear the bell ringing at Costco, it means that a new batch of freshly prepared grilled chicken has been released. Costco's grilled chickens are great quality and they sell out quickly. If you do not have time, just wait a bit until the next call.

9. On the price tags we write that the stock will not be replenished

An asterisk in the upper right corner of the price tag means that the goods are in limited quantities. It may return later, for example, if it is a seasonal product, but stock it now if this product is one of your favorites.

10. Everything that we have, you see here

Costco is literally a warehouse store. It has no additional storage for what you see on the shelves. If the product is not there, do not ask to check its availability.

11. You cannot use manufacturer coupons

We know that you would like to get an even better deal, but the store does not accept manufacturers' coupons and will not negotiate a lower price.

12. Place your pizza order early

On a busy Friday, you may have to wait 20-25 minutes for a fresh pizza. Save the most of your time - place your order before shopping.

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13. There is a special code on the price tags

Most prices end in .09 (.89, .99, etc.). But a couple of price tags signal that you are getting a particularly good deal. A price ending in 0.97 means the item is on sale, so you get even more value. Meanwhile, a 0.00 or 0.88 price tag indicates that the manager has decided to lower the price - sometimes because this item is the last in stock, or there is no box, or some parts are missing.

14. You can please your friends who are not members of Costco

Costco Cash Cards are essentially gift cards that can be used at Costco stores or on the company's website. Only members can buy them, but anyone can use them.

15. You do not overpay more than the store

To make a profit, stores increase their prices from what they pay to the supplier. For example, in most grocery stores, meat prices rise by at least 30 percent. But at Costco, you will not pay more than 15% in excess of the price the store pays. The average premium is only 10,6 percent.

16. Keep track of the markdown date

Check the date that sometimes appears below the last digit of the price. Use it to determine if you should buy now, or wait for the price to drop again. There is no one correct strategy, as popular products usually sell out soon after a price drop.

17. Choose Kirkland wisely

As a store brand, Costco Kirkland is associated not only with quality, but also with affordability. Although this is not always the best choice. Independent research by Consumer Reports found a wide range of quality in the Kirkland brand. When everything from work boots to mayonnaise carries the Kirkland label, it is not surprising that not all of these products are the best in their class. According to Consumer Reports, Kirkland's safe products include bacon and maple syrup, while Kirkland's coffee and dishwasher bags are poor.

18. Location matters

As with real estate, location is key to maximizing your return on investment. Almost always, the best deals are in the depths of the trading premises. This is especially true of the standard store plan, which Costco often calls the "central courtyard." Start at the center and head back. Buy goods in front of the store only if this is what you really need, as they have the maximum margin.

19. Go past the soda

Many supermarkets use soda as a loss leader - they sell it cheaper to attract customers. The best deals are often closer to summer.

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20. Ask for beef in blocks

One interesting tip is to ask for packaged beef. Although most people are not familiar with this term, packing meat into blocks (chubs) is a tube of ground beef sealed in plastic. It looks like a large-sized hot dog, but the blocks contain the same ground beef - it is cheaper in the package. Costco Grocery Store can pack your beef upon request, and units are usually sold at a discount.

21. You can use your credit card

You can use any credit card while shopping at Of course, not all items can be purchased via the Internet, but sometimes it still makes sense to shop personally. Some products in the store are much cheaper, while others are better to buy online.

22. Tire brand sales are constantly changing

New tires can be an expensive purchase, even with Costco daily low prices. But most customers do not know about the rotation period, when a new brand appears on sale every month. Therefore, if you can wait a month or two, you will be able to choose your preferred brand with a big discount. In addition, Costco's service department will repair the tires, check tire pressure and even rotate them during their life. This is a great privilege that many Costco members never use.

23. Places where you can get insider information

Costco has many dedicated employees who have worked in the same place for years, sometimes even whole families. Not surprisingly, former employees and insiders are willing to share their knowledge. Sites like Reddit and CostcoInsider gather tips and tricks to get the most out of Costco.

24. You can return the membership

We have already mentioned the friendly return policy at Costco. If you are unsatisfied with the product, just arrange a full refund. But what if a product that doesn't suit you is Costco itself? If you are unsatisfied with your experience as a Costco member, notify your customer service representative and you can get a full refund of your membership fee.

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