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When grocery shopping is a pleasure: the top 14 best supermarkets in the USA

According to a new report, in Texas you can find the best grocery store in the United States, writes Fox Business.

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Dunnhumby has published the results of its retail preferences index in US grocery stores.

In previous years, Trader Joe's grocery chain was in first place, but in the current year it is ahead of Texas-based HEB.

HEB's US offices are located only in Texas, but stores extend outside the US and operate in northeast Mexico. In 2018, store representatives reported $ 22 billion in sales.

“One of the most important findings is that the leading traditional regional grocery stores are experiencing a surge in customer preferences, winning with relevance and convenience,” said Jose Gomez, president of Dunnhumby in North America, in a statement.

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“If they can compete in price and quality — core values ​​for grocers, then they are especially well equipped to withstand the growing threat of non-traditional players,” Gomez added.

“It also makes them better protected from the economic downturn. In the end, there is no single approach for everyone in this market, and retailers with Customer First strategies are likely to achieve better results, ”he added.

For its findings, Dunnhumby surveyed 7000 families in the United States regarding the 60 largest grocery stores.

According to the results of the study, the rating was determined by the success of each grocery store in seven categories: price, quality, technology, operations, convenience, discounts / awards and speed.

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Here's a list of the top 14 grocery stores in the US, according to Dunnhumby:

14. ShopRite

13. Sprouts Farmers Market

12. Fresh Thyme

11. WinCo Foods

10 Publix

9 Walmart

8. Sam's club

7. Aldi

6. Costco

5. Wegmans Food Markets

4. Market Basket

3 Amazon

2. Trader joe's

1. Heb

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4 simple ways to significantly save on products

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