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12 valuable items you can get for free

Nowadays, we buy a lot of things that we could never even dream of decades ago. But an experienced buyer can still find a way to get many valuable items for free. Knowing these, you can save a lot of money - even on things that your neighbors and friends still pay for. Writes about this Money Talks News.

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1. Family tree

Keeping track of your family tree has never been easier thanks to online resources. And you can also do a lot of free research using resources.

For example, some resources allow you to look at cemeteries around the world, and the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Statue Foundation can provide information about relatives who came to the United States through this famous immigration gate.

2. Free birthday food

No matter when your birthday is, there are restaurant chains with free refreshments. For example, you can get a free sub at Jersey Mike's and a free hamburger at Red Robin.

3. Video streaming

Families can currently pay for premium channels such as HBO, sports subscriptions such as the NFL Sunday Ticket, or streaming streams such as Hulu or Netflix. But there are places where you can watch movies and TV shows online for free.

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And don't forget about your local library: it can offer ongoing, free, remote access to services like Kanopy or Hoopla.

4. Credit points

Yes, there are ways to get not only your credit report, but also your credit rating for free. You can find out your credit rating for free, for example, through the company issuing your credit card.

5. Cloud storage

If you look in the right place, you will find a free online file storage, i.e. cloud storage.

6. EBooks

Many libraries offer e-books for download - although, as with paper books, you can only store them for a limited time.

7. Magazines

You know that libraries have print magazines, but go to the magazine website and you can also find free access to the digital version of the magazine.

Amazon Prime members can read magazines and comics online, and many of them are free with Prime Reading.

8. Entertainment

Many museums offer free admission on certain days or for certain groups of people.

And every year the National Park Service offers free entry to national parks and on certain days.

9. Antivirus software

PCMag has been awarded the Editors' Choice Award for 2020 by Avast Free Antivirus and Kaspersky Security Cloud Free.

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Avast Free Mac Security has become the best free antivirus software for computers.

10. Education

Elite Ivy League universities - yes, even Harvard - offer free online courses that you can take. Also contact your local library, which can offer online classes through LinkedIn Learning or another resource.

11. Baggage

As if travel these days is not expensive enough, now many airlines charge a fee for checked baggage. But there are ways to avoid paying this fee.

Fly Southwest Airlines, which allows each passenger to check two bags for free. And if you can pack what you need into a fairly small bag, you can take it with you as carry-on baggage, which is usually free.

12. Piano

New pianos can cost thousands of dollars. But if you or someone from your family is eager to play, do not resort to buying a new tool. Here's a musical secret: many people only need a piano for a very short time — say, in elementary school, when a child takes lessons.

Usually people who have gone through years of playing the piano want to pull this large and heavy item out of their home - so much so that they will offer it for free. Check out the Facebook Marketplace or the free Craigslist.

Miscellaneous is free Educational program

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