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20 things not worth buying at the grocery store

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Do you like your grocery store? Buy everything you need there? Keep visiting your local store, but don't go there for the next 20 shopping.

1. Greeting Cards

Anyone who managed to buy a greeting card at the grocery store, was shocked. $ 4,95 per piece of beautifully designed cardboard? It is better to go to the dollar store and collect a few cards with a good design for a dollar. You can buy them in bulk in Amazon and also spend less.

2. Batteries

Batteries are an essential part of life, but there is no reason to overpay. Go to the warehouse store - Costco, Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale Clubwhere you can stock up on sweat prices. AT Amazon You can also find good prices.

3. Magazines

One issue of the magazine in the grocery store will cost you $ 3 or $ 4. For comparison, you can subscribe to a magazine or other print publication for a year, and it will cost you less than $ 20. You can also go to the library and read magazines for free.

4. Diapers

In an emergency, you can run to the grocery store for a diaper, but the price will be appropriate. The store is well aware that diapers are bought in an emergency, so they inflate prices. Cheaper will buy on Amazonif you are a member of PRIME - 20%.

5. Alcohol

Beer and wine are a good income for grocery stores, but you can minimize costs by buying alcohol at a club warehouse store. Thanks to many laws, even people who are not in the club can buy drinks there.

6. Toothbrushes

Do you really buy a toothbrush at the grocery store, instead of going to the dentist? Most people go to the dentist once in 6 months, and brushes must be changed every 3 month. You can ask the doctor for a brush, and he will give you two of them - until the next time.

7. Holiday cakes

Buying a birthday cake at the grocery store is convenient, but not cheap, especially if you need to feed the crowd. Instead, go to the club warehouse store, where you get a giant decorated cake for the same price that the grocery shop is selling small.

8. Pet food

The grocery store is not the best place to buy pet food. On the and amazon You will find better deals.

Stores like Petco , Pet Supplies Plus и PetSmart offer competitive prices, coupons and loyalty programs.

9. Bottled water

If you live in a city where the water is not suitable for drinking, you should not run for bottled water. Buy a water filter and fill the bottles yourself. If you just need to buy bottled water, then contact the club warehouse store.

10. Frozen Pancakes

Cooking pancakes at home is easy. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare the dough. You can cook a large batch and freeze it yourself. This creation will cost you a pittance.

11. Baking mixes

Biscuit, cake and cake mixes are cheaper to make by yourself than buying them at the grocery store. You can not only save money, but also be sure that you put in this mixture, and be a little healthier.

12. Kitchenware

When it comes to baking, the grocery store knows that you need equipment to make delicious dishes. Resist the temptation. You can find the best prices and quality in stores such as TJ Maxx , Marshalls и Homegoodsbest to wait for Black Friday.

13. Spice

Herbs and spices can shock buyers with their prices. Do not buy the whole jar of spices if you need a teaspoon. You can also buy spices at a dollar store, but pay attention to quality.

14. Party Decor

As well as greeting cards, candles, tablecloths, colored napkins and balloons will cost you more than a dollar store.

15. Coffee

Coffee is the elixir of life for many people, which is why it is so expensive at the grocery store. To buy cheaper coffee, you have several options: buy in bulk, register your coffee machine on the site and get a discount, and use coupons and loyalty programs.

16. Toilet paper

A grocery store can help you in the evening when toilet paper is accidentally out of the house - a product of family harmony. To avoid such surprises, buy packaging at the club warehouse store or Amazon.

17. Light bulbs

Do not buy incandescent bulbs at the grocery store. If you want to save some money, go to Costco, Sam's club or Bj's for lower prices. However, the best prices for Amazon.

18. Packed Snacks

Do not buy these snacks in individual packaging at the grocery store. You can get a larger box at a much cheaper price per serving if you go to the club warehouse store.

19. Gift cards

Forgot to buy a gift? No problems! Grocery stores created handy gift cards. You can go to Costco and get $ 100 on gift cards for many restaurants for just $ 80.

20. Bread

If you have a bakery nearby, do not buy bread at the grocery store.

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