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Protecting illegal immigrants and no 'outsiders': California enacted several immigrant laws

California Governor Gavin Newsom signs a package of laws in support of California's immigrant communities and removed the obsolete word "alien" from state codes, according to Official website of the Governor of California.

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Governor signed AB 1096, which repeals the derogatory term "alien"used to describe foreigners living illegally in America.

The Governor also signs five additional bills to protect California's immigrant safety and strengthen protection against discrimination.

“As the most diverse state in the country, we are stronger and more active because of our immigrant communities,” Newsom said. “This important law removes the word“ alien ”, which is not only offensive to humans, but has fueled discord and offensive associations for too long. By changing this term, we are ensuring that California's laws reflect our state's values. ”

AB 1096, authored by Assemblyman Luz Rivas, will replace “foreigner” with a term that more closely reflects current legal terminology, such as “noncitizen” or “immigrant”. The term "alien" has been used to refer to persons who were not born in the United States by the federal government since 1798, and in California since 1937. In the 1990s, the word “foreigner” began to be used as a political “red rag” and to express fanaticism and hatred, although it did not involve the use of traditional racist expressions. By 2015, the term was officially changed to “non-citizen,” however, “alien” is still widely used in many aspects of California law.

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In addition, Newsom signed a number of bills to protect the health and safety of immigrants, including legislation clarifying security standards in illegal detention facilities, ensuring the rights and protection of unaccompanied illegal minors, and strengthening the protection of immigrants from hate crimes.

In addition to AB 1096, Governor Newsom also signed:

1. AB 263 Member of Assembly Dr. Joaquin Arambula (Democrat from Fresno), which requires private detention centers, including those used to house and hold immigrants in California, to comply with local health authorities. The document also requires private operators to comply with Cal / OSHA workplace safety rules and regulations.

2. AB 600 the authorship of the same Arambula makes crimes against people because of their immigration status hate crimes, which will exacerbate the responsibility for such actions.

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3. AB 1140 Assembly Member Robert Rivas ensures that all children housed in licensed state institutions, including unaccompanied illegal minors, will be under the jurisdiction of the Office of the California Foster Care Commissioner and thus receive all the resources and protection to which they are entitled under with state law.

4. SB 334 Senator Maria Elena Durazo (Democrat from Los Angeles), who requires private commercial detention centers operating in California to adhere to basic health and safety standards for people in those facilities and maintain minimum levels of insurance coverage associated with medical care, professional responsibility and liability for violation of civil rights.

5. SB 714 Senator Anna Caballero (Democrat from Salinas), who is amending California's electoral code, allowing some illegal aliens, in particular “dreamers”, to be elected or appointed as members of the central committees of California districts. The Dreamers are the beneficiaries of the DACA program, which protects against deportation of illegal immigrants brought to the United States by children.

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