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She broke into the house and tried to strangle her: Charlie Sheen's neighbor attacked the actor

It is alleged that Charlie Sheen was attacked by a neighbor at his home in Malibu, California. The woman was arrested. What happened, the publication found out Yahoo!.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) officers responded to a "battery/disturbance call" at Sheen's home on December 20 around 13 p.m. after a 00-year-old woman entered the actor's home and assaulted him. According to the police, she had a deadly weapon with her, writes Deadline.

When the 58-year-old actor opened the door after hearing a knock, the suspect broke into Shin's home, tore his shirt and tried to strangle him, law enforcement sources said.

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After the incident, the suspect returned to her home. Paramedics arrived at the scene, but the movie star did not require hospitalization.

An LASD police spokesman said: "After making contact with those involved, sheriff's deputies identified Charlie Sheen as the victim of the attack."

“The suspect, Electra Schrock, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, use of force likely to cause great bodily harm, and burglary,” he said.

According to TMZ, Sheen has already had problems with this neighbor. She reportedly left trash outside his door the day before the attack.

Sheen, 58, is one of the highest paid actors of all time. He once earned about $1,8 million per episode on the hit comedy Two and a Half Men.

But he was fired from CBS in 2011 after a series of public tirades in which he denounced show creator Chuck Lorre and made a series of bizarre quotes, including saying he had "tiger blood" and "Adonis DNA."

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In an exclusive interview with People earlier this month, Sheen said he has been sober from drugs and alcohol for almost six years.

“I lead a very consistent lifestyle now. The thing is that I am a single father and am raising my 14-year-old twin boys, Max and Bob,” he admitted.

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