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Artificial intelligence has learned to reproduce without human intervention

Artificial intelligence (AI) models have achieved the ability to autonomously create smaller AI systems without human intervention. Why this autonomous evolution is useful, the publication explained Geo.

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A collaboration between artificial intelligence technology company Aizip Inc. and researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and several University of California campuses, this groundbreaking initiative is taking place.

The innovation allows large AI models (such as ChatGPT) to generate more specialized AI applications on their own. These smaller, specialized models have applications ranging from improving hearing aids to monitoring oil pipelines and tracking endangered species.

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Yang Sun, CEO of Aizip, described the process as “a big brother helping his little brother improve,” which represents the first step towards self-evolving AI.

Yubei Chen, a researcher involved in the project, confirmed the significance of this milestone. The demonstrated device, a human activity tracker that uses AI to analyze movement data, demonstrated the potential of tiny machine learning, a concept critical to embedding intelligence into compact devices.

The tracker, housed in a chip smaller than a dime, demonstrates the power of pervasive AI, where almost anything can be intelligent.

The researchers highlighted the range of intelligence capabilities: large models such as ChatGPT will reside in the cloud, while newly developed tiny machine learning models will find their way into small everyday objects.

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This technology lays the foundation for a future in which home appliances, from coffee makers to televisions, can be equipped with artificial intelligence to enhance functionality.

This autonomous ability of AI models to create and improve smaller analogues represents a significant leap towards the realization of self-evolving artificial intelligence systems, hinting at the potential for AI to contribute autonomously to development and application.

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