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Top 11 Simple Part-Time Jobs That Will Help You Get Rich in 2024

If you already have a full-time or even part-time job, the last thing you might want to do is take on additional work to supplement your 2024 income. However, if your goal is to get rich, the money has to come from somewhere. And a side hustle can be a great way to take your finances to the next level without having to leave your current job. GOBankingRates asked experts to share simple side hustles that can help you move beyond your current financial picture.

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Purchase and sale of warehouse premises

If you've ever watched Storage Wars, you know that you can make money from what people leave behind. Real estate agent Sean Owsley and his wife have been buying and selling warehouse properties for four years.

“We really got into it over the summer when I quit my job and turned buying and selling warehouses into almost a full-time job,” he says. At one time, the couple bought three properties for $350, $340 and $350 and earned more than $1500 on each of them within a month of purchase.

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Owsley recommends using sites like and StorageTreasures for bidding.

For people worried about needing a truck to remove items from a storage unit, Owsley advises, “You don't have to buy a truck to empty a storage unit; you just need to have access to a car (rent or borrow from friends). While in Shreveport, we mostly made do with our SUV and a small trailer.”

They mainly use Facebook Marketplace and Poshmark to sell things.

AI Query Development

In the emerging field of artificial intelligence, query engineering is a particularly lucrative niche, according to Aaron Kennedy, owner of Aaron Kennedy Marketing and chief marketing officer of Braiones LTD.

“As artificial intelligence technology develops, more and more companies are looking to implement it into their operations,” he explains. “However, developing and maintaining AI systems, especially language models, requires specialized skills that many companies do not possess. This is where freelance engineers come in.”

People working in this space help companies customize artificial intelligence language capabilities, develop custom applications, or even train AI to understand and respond to industry jargon, he said.

“Demand for these skills is growing rapidly, but the supply of skilled workers has yet to catch up, making this a very lucrative field for freelancers. Additionally, the field offers a fascinating combination of technical skills and creative problem solving, so each project presents a unique challenge,” said Kennedy.

Personal assistant for older people

According to Michael Reynolds, CFP from Elevation Financial LLC is one way to not only earn extra money, but also do good in the world by helping older people by providing them with personal assistant services.

“Older adults often need help running errands, picking up prescriptions, and doing minor housework,” he said. “Get a loyal clientele and help them live more comfortably.”

Property management

If property management sounds like hard work to you, Reynolds says the opposite.

“Although traditional property management companies often charge high fees for full-service services,” Reynolds said. “But not everyone needs this level of service.” For some people, having someone monitor their rental, coordinate with service providers, or look after their home is enough. They will happily pay less for someone to provide them with an easier service.”


If you did well in one of the classes in school that often requires tutoring, such as math, English or science, Reynolds recommends: “Offer your skills to high school students who need to improve their grades as they think about college. You can provide tutoring services from your home, virtually or by meeting at your local library.”

Online Dating Consultant/Profile Editor

Reynolds says you don't have to be a trained psychologist to help people navigate online dating.

“Online dating can be difficult for many people. It's hard to come up with a great profile when you're stuck in your own overthinking, he warns. “Offer a simple service in which you evaluate the client’s profile as an objective third party, complement it with a compelling story, and provide advice on how to interact with potential partners.”

Virtual real estate tours

According to Erica Brenning, real estate investor and owner of Cash Buyers, if you can capture the essence of homes and spaces, real estate agents and sellers will appreciate your skills.

“Help potential buyers explore properties online by creating immersive virtual tours,” advises Branning. “It’s like giving them the keys to their home without leaving your own.”

Platforms like Matter port and Zillow 3D Home make it easy to create engaging virtual tours, making you a valuable asset in a competitive real estate market.

Stock photos

If you enjoy photography and want to turn your hobby into a side hustle, consider sharing your photos on platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or Getty Images, Brenning says.

“When someone buys the rights to use your photos, you get a commission,” she said. “Focus on creating stunning, top-notch images—subjects such as business, technology, lifestyle and nature are always in demand.”

Preparing houses

Whether you're already a real estate agent or not, staging homes can be a lucrative career for creative types.

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“Your job is to prepare homes for sale by making them look attractive, which can significantly increase the price and sell them faster,” Kennedy explained. “Thus, by spending time buying real estate and putting it in order, agents create multiple sources of income and become even more immersed in the real estate industry. They learn the ins and outs to give them an edge in their careers.”

Virtual Assistant

In this digital age where more people work remotely, Reynolds says you can use your skills as a virtual assistant, especially if you're very organized and tech-savvy.

“This can be done from a laptop, and this type of work is in demand by many business owners,” he says.

Mobile notary

A notary license is easy to obtain and the service tends to be in high demand, Reynolds said.

“Offering this service on mobile is very convenient because many people don’t want the hassle of traveling to the office,” he notes.

If you really want to get rich quickly, you can take on several of these side jobs at once.

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