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How to build a medical career in the USA: several paths that an immigrant can choose

Ukrainian Olga works as a nurse in the surgical department of a Minnesota hospital, where he cares for patients before and after surgery. She became an immigrant in 2016 and received her nursing education from scratch in America: first she went to study to become a nursing assistant, then, while working, she studied to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN), and only then completed the Registered Nurse (RN) course at a local college . In total, Olga’s education, which was partially paid for by her employer, took her 4 years. In 2023, her first full year as an RN, she earned nearly $100.

Students of the Concord Rusam school. Photo:

It is customary to write about immigration with suffering between the lines: “... these people have given up everything and are starting from scratch in America.” But starting from scratch is not always tragic. And even vice versa - this is a chance for a new life, a new job, new achievements. The main thing is to set your goals correctly.

Olga started with the profession of a nurse's assistant - set big goals, but remember that small steps lead to them.

You can start a career in the USA from scratch and in small steps in the healthcare sector, where there are consistently many vacancies and good salaries. Some professions can be mastered in one and a half to two months, and the field for career growth and development is limitless.

Together with school Concord rusam We have compiled several career algorithms in America, the beginning of which can be short courses.

1. From the very basics to medical assistant

The first step is training as an electrocardiogram (ECG) technician, blood drawer, or nursing assistant.

Learn on Electrocardiography Technician (EKG) in Concord Rusam you can do it in 60 hours. During this time, you will become familiar with the equipment for taking an electrocardiogram, the rules for its use, and also learn how to identify and analyze cardiac pathologies. An ECG technician in America earns an average of $24 per hour. In New York State, the average salary is $ 27 per hour.

Phlebotomy Technician Course includes 96 hours of theoretical classes and practice in an equipped laboratory. After its completion, graduates know the anatomy and physiology of all body systems, and can correctly and safely take blood from a vein for analysis. Blood collection technicians are paid an average of $21 per hour, while the average salary in New York State is $25 per hour.

On the 125 Hour Nursing Assistant Training Course (Certified Nurse Aide - CNA) students study the anatomy and physiology of all body systems, infection control and patient care rules. The average salary for a nursing assistant in the USA is $20 per hour, in New York and New Jersey - from $ 26 per hour.

After each of these courses, you will be able to find a job in America quite quickly and easily. Firstly, thanks to the support of the Concord Rusam school, whose specialists will help you create a resume according to American standards and prepare you for an interview. And secondly, in the USA - shortage of medical specialists, and people with such knowledge and certificates do not sit without work for a long time. Starting with these positions will help you evaluate whether a career in medicine is right for you. And if yes, then you can move in this direction.

So the next step is to work in a hospital or nursing home.

Those who complete the three programs described above receive a combined Patient Care Technician (PCT) certification. Patient Care Specialist Course you can choose immediately so as not to waste time on its individual components. It includes information and certifications from three programs:

  • Blood collection technician;
  • Electrocardiogram technician;
  • Nurse's assistant.

Graduates of this course usually work in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes or hospital emergency rooms and earn more than $20 per hour, in New York - from $26 per hour.

Physician Assistant Training Course (Clinical Medical Assistant - CMA) covers a huge base of theoretical studies and clinical practice. Its graduates know anatomy and physiology, master medical terminology, can do an electrocardiogram, take tests, understand medical legislation and ethics, and can also perform administrative duties. What do physician assistants earn in New York? $ 21 per hour.

Of course, if you have time, money and confidence that medicine is your thing, then it’s better to skip the first step. You can become a patient care specialist or physician assistant in the USA from scratch - you don’t have to start with more specialized courses.

The third step is college. You can get an associate degree (2 years of study) and get a job as a Registered Nurse.

Photo: Concord Rusam

2. A career in medicine for those who are afraid of blood

Those who dream of working in the medical industry, but do not want too close contact with fluids and other unpleasant signs of the body, can study to become a Medical Billing and Coding or a pharmacist assistant.

Concord Rusam will make you a biller in 225 hours of theoretical and practical training. Well Medical Billing and Coding It comprises:

  • medical terminology and record keeping;
  • types of health insurance;
  • the basics of computer programs needed to work as a biller;
  • codification of various diseases;
  • the basics of document flow between hospitals and insurance companies.

A biller certificate is a very valuable acquisition. Every hospital in the United States needs medical billing specialists. Billers are the link between a medical institution and an insurance company; without them, the American healthcare system will collapse. The average biller salary in the USA is $22 per hour, in New York State - from $24 per hour.

Another option for a “pure” medical job is a Pharmacy Technician. 102-hour course at Concord Rusam school includes familiarization with various drug groups, drug dosage calculations, dosing methods, inventory, billing, compounding, and New York State pharmacy laws. The average salary for a pharmacist assistant in New York is: $ 27 per hour.

In both of these professions there is room for advancement, such as shift supervisor and department head, where salaries are much higher and you can earn six figures a year.

3. Promising work in healthcare for those who are not ready to communicate with patients

If the sight of blood doesn't scare you, but you're not ready to give patients updates on their health, or you generally don't like working with people, your path to a medical career in the United States is through Sterile Processing Technician course. Medical instrument sterile processing technicians prepare, sterilize, install, assemble, and clean laboratory or medical equipment needed for surgeries, examinations, and other procedures. From this description it is easy to guess that they are needed everywhere, and the demand for such specialists will only grow with the development of medicine. Sterile Processing Technician Salary in America - $30 to $40 per hour.

The second step in this career is to gain experience and grow to a shift supervisor or head of the sterilization department (for this job you will need to obtain a degree in management).

4. How to continue your medical career in America if you were a doctor in your home country

Although the internal structure of an American is no different from how the body of a Ukrainian or Chinese functions, each country has its own approaches to medicine and treatment. Therefore, you cannot work in the United States as a doctor or nurse with a diploma from a foreign medical university. You must adapt your knowledge to American health standards and obtain a local license. Nursing education acquired at home can be converted into a Registered Professional Nurse license in the United States. To do this, you need to valorize your diploma from your home country and obtain permission to take the American Nurse's License exam from your state's department of education.

Concord Rusam School offers its students qualified assistance in filling out documents for quick diploma evaluation, as well as a 160-hour effective course in preparation for the NCLEX-RN exam. After this course you will be able to successfully pass quite extensive and complex licensing test.

Concord Rusam NCLEX-RN Exam Preparation Course includes:

  • a complete overview of nursing responsibilities;
  • anatomy and physiology;
  • symptoms of diseases;
  • aspects of pharmacotherapy;
  • methods of research and diagnosis of various diseases;
  • making a nursing diagnosis;
  • medical legislation.

Each student is given the latest booklet covering all course topics, as well as sample test questions.

Each topic is reinforced by analyzing real questions from previous exams. The salary of a licensed nurse in the USA starts from $44 per hour. There will be no problems with work, in America there is a shortage of nurses, the government is ready to issue them immigrant visas, and many cities have developed assistance programs. For example, in New York there is Nurse Residency Program: inexperienced nurses, immediately after receiving a license, are assisted in the workplace with acquiring the necessary skills and adapting to the work process. It's costly for medical institutions to train inexperienced professionals, and now that the city is covering the cost of these programs, New York City hospitals are hiring more recruits. 28 New York medical institutions participate in the Nurse Residency Program, and more than 5000 nurses have already gone through this program.

Whatever your background, there is always a chance for a good job and a successful career in the USA. You just need to take the first step - sign up for a course that interests you at Private Career School Concord Rusam, and then develop and move towards a larger goal.

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