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Thousands of violent crimes per year: the most dangerous cities in the USA

The FBI announced that violent crime rates have dropped to pre-COVID-19 levels, but the changes have not been the same for everyone. Crime rates remain elevated in dozens of cities across the country. What kind of cities are these, the publication said The Hill.

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Personal finance site MoneyGeek used FBI data on crime rates in 302 metropolitan areas and 1010 smaller cities and towns across the country. They took into account both violent and property crimes and used research from the University of Miami and the University of Colorado Denver to determine the cost of crime in each neighborhood.

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After crunching the numbers, it turned out that the major city with the highest crime cost is Birmingham, Alabama. The violent crime rate, which includes murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, in Birmingham was 1 per 682 residents. The property crime rate, which includes burglary, robbery and vehicle theft, was 100 per 000 residents.

However, Birmingham does not have the highest rate of violent crime. Memphis (Tennessee), Detroit (Michigan), and Little Rock (Arkansas) had more violent crimes per capita.

Memphis, along with Tacoma, Washington, and St. Louis, Missouri, had the highest rates of property crime.

The major cities with the highest crime costs per capita are:

  1. Birmingham, Alabama - $11
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana - $11
  3. St. Louis, Missouri - $11
  4. Detroit, Michigan - $9
  5. Memphis, Tennessee - $9
  6. Baltimore, Maryland - $8
  7. Little Rock, Arkansas - $7
  8. Cleveland, Ohio - $7
  9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin - $7
  10. Kansas City, Missouri - $6
  11. Pueblo, Colorado - $5
  12. Oakland, California - $5
  13. San Bernardino, California - $5
  14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - $5
  15. Atlanta, Georgia - $5

Small cities with populations between 30 and 000 often have fewer resources to fight crime. There may be less crime in such places, but the cost may be an even greater burden.

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Here are the small cities and towns with the highest crime costs in the US:

  1. Monroe, Louisiana - $8
  2. Petesburg, Virginia - $8
  3. Saginaw, Michigan - $8
  4. Florence, South Carolina - $8
  5. Alexandria, Louisiana - $7
  6. Pine Bluff, Arkansas - $7
  7. Portsmouth, Virginia - $7
  8. Houma, Louisiana - $6
  9. Rocky Mount, North Carolina - $5
  10. North Little Rock, Arkansas - $5
  11. Fairbanks, Alaska - $5
  12. York, Pennsylvania - $5
  13. Atlantic City, New Jersey - $4
  14. Riviera Beach, Florida - $4
  15. Flint Township, Michigan - $4

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