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Verka Serduchka will perform in the USA for the first time in 10 years. PLEASE NOTE: tour dates have changed

Folk antidepressant Verka Serduchka is going to the North American Tour, organized by the concert company Resilience. It was originally planned that the artist will perform in America this spring, but the tour was postponed to the fall. If you have already purchased your tickets, don't worry - all tickets are valid for the new tour dates.

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

Performances are scheduled in six cities:

Tickets - here.

Singer and composer Andrey Danilko, known to millions in the image of the folk "guide" and superstar Verka Serduchka, immediately after sold-out concerts in Europe, will arrange spectacular shows in the USA and Canada. He will perform with a team of musicians, dancers and, of course, his beloved mother.

“We can't wait to meet you!” – noted in the team of the artist.

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

“Certainly this is a landmark artist! For 10 years we have been waiting for a tour in America in full force, and this is 24 people, and finally! – shared Igor Golubchik, President of Resilience. – Our goal is not only to lift the spirit and mood of our audience. The main mission is to work on the cultural front. And this is fundraising for Ukraine, and the constant presence of Ukrainian culture in America and Canada. We look forward to seeing you all at these grandiose concerts. This is truly the event of the year!”

Recall that for the first time we heard about Verka Serduchka back in 1993. The future star appeared before the viewer in the form of a conductor with a huge bust. Then Serduchka wore a blue shirt, a sequined jacket, a short skirt and a beret. The image was very fond of the fans, as well as her life jokes:

  • “Train here, out there”
  • “I'm not drunk, I'm ruddy”
  • “Give me some tea, I miss you”

During this time, Verka won an army of fans around the world, released hundreds of hits, changed an incredible number of images and took second place at Eurovision.

Today is Verka Serduchka's show, it's a kind of Ukrainian Moulin Rouge: chic costumes, cool performances and a reminder that everything will be fine!

“With each of our shows now, we want to remind you of the time when we were all a little happier! We come to support, cry and, of course, have fun together! And make sure once again that good always triumphs over evil!” - Andrey Danilko said in an interview.

Verka Serduchka's tour is charitable, most of the funds will go to the needs of people affected by the war in Ukraine.

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