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Helping an Immigrant: New York School Opens New Season of Medical Professions

New york school Concord rusam, which helps immigrants and Americans to pursue a wide range of medical specialties, kicks off its 15th educational season at a new address: 412 8th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001. The doors of the school are open both for those who came to America with a medical education at home, and for those who would like to start a career in the prestigious medical field from scratch.

Photo: Concord Rusam

Schooling is conducted in the following areas:

  • exam preparation NCLEX-RN for holders of the diploma "Nurses" - the course lasts 5 months, there is an opportunity to study online.
  • medical assistant at the reception in medical offices (Clinical Medical Assistant) - The course lasts 6 months and includes courses Electrocardiography Technician (specialist in the removal of electrocardiogram), Phlebotomy Technician (specialist in taking blood from a vein). After completing the program, students go to practice in medical offices. Then they pass national exams right at school.
  • electrocardiogram removal technician (Electrocardiography Technician) - 3-week course with passing the national exam;
  • blood sampling technician (Phlebotomy technician) - 6-week course, including a national exam;
  • nurse's assistant (Certified Nurse Assistant) - 3-month course with a corresponding certificate;
  • caregiver for elderly and sick people (Home health aide) - 3-week course with certification from the New York State Department of Health;
  • medical billing specialist (Medical Billing and Coding) - 4-month course with a national exam;
  • assistant pharmacist (Pharmacy Technician) - 2-month course with a corresponding certificate.

All classes are held in small groups under the guidance of bilingual teachers, so even those who are not yet ready to communicate fluently in English can successfully prepare for the national exam and receive certificates that allow them to work in any American state. A serious plus of studying at Concord Rusam is the manuals and handouts developed by the school teachers, in which all the necessary information is presented in a lightweight form. All students are provided with them, so they do not have to independently understand the heavily written American textbooks on medicine.

Over the 15 years of its existence, the school helped thousands of New York and other states receive medical education.

More detailed information about Concord Rusam can be obtained by link or by phone: 212-619-2260.

Your question Concord Rusam

Material prepared in partnership with

Private Career School Concord Rusam

Address: 412 8th Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-619-2260


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