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How to get a US Nurse license

Many medical workers, having arrived in the USA, do not know how to get into the medical community in a new country, especially when they don’t know the language well and don’t know where to start. Professional courses come to the rescue in this case.

Photo: Concord Rusam

Name of New York School Concord rusam it was invented for a reason - it stands for "Russian-American commonwealth": the school was founded by a Russian-speaking businessman and well-known philanthropist Yuri Kurashvili. For 15 years now, here, in the heart of Manhattan, doctors of various specialties have been trained. Physicians who immigrated to the United States come here, who do not understand what to do and where to start - and they leave as specialists trained to work in America. Director Private Career School Concord rusam Zinaida Freink laughs: she literally “leads her hand” to her students - from the first step and often right up to employment.

The school not only provides the necessary knowledge, but also helps to change your mind to the American “way”. Teachers have a task: to rebuild thinking from Soviet to American, since in America there is often a completely different approach to many medical aspects.

And, of course, in Private Career School Concord rusam try to help students improve their English. The school was conceived for people who come with little knowledge of English, so here all teachers are bilingual, if necessary, they additionally explain difficult questions in Russian and help to master professional terminology in English.

Training at any time of the day or night

Now the school is developing a new direction - learning online. For now, it is only available for a license exam preparation course. Registered Nurse. This course is designed for five months of study, and its main advantage is that you can start at any time. The school director says that new people come every week, and she strongly recommends not to waste time and immediately connect to classes, and skip the missing topics in the next semester.

At school Concord rusam Students are already studying online from more than 20 states of America, and even from abroad. Video cameras are installed in the lecture halls, and students can remotely listen and watch lectures both in real time and in recordings. Students can listen and watch recorded lectures at any time of the day or night. In fact, the only thing that differentiates them from students in the classroom is that they cannot directly ask questions of the teacher. But those who watch lectures online can listen and view the recording as many times as they want and, if something is unclear, contact the teacher by email.

Photo: Concord Rusam

All students of Concord Rusam are sent training materials and tests for self-preparation. The school offers its effective handouts, collected from dozens of books. By the end of the cycle, the student will have his own real textbook, where all topics are presented in the most convenient and easy-to-understand form: short phrases, pictures, tablets, graphics.

“We send these materials electronically, and everyone can print these materials for themselves. They have both theory and tests by which they can test their knowledge. There are many nuances that teachers share with students. For example, sometimes it’s enough to see one word in the answer options to understand whether the answer is correct or incorrect,” says Zinaida.

Part of the tests, students disassemble with the teacher in the classroom, and the rest of the selection is for independent passage. At the next lesson, difficult questions are discussed, and the teacher gives new test tests to consolidate the material studied.

Getting practical skills

At school Private Career School Concord rusam They provide not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. There is a hospital ward with all the necessary modern medical equipment, where future nurses hone their practical skills. This is necessary even for those who have worked for many years in the medical field in the post-Soviet space. In the US, much is done differently, even conventional intramuscular injections are carried out using a different algorithm. Therefore, the school acquired the necessary equipment and medical equipment.

Here they are taught to do various procedures that a working American nurse should have: enter intramuscular injections, put on droppers, give oxygen, care for urinary catheters, various ostomy and so on. Students also receive handouts, which explains step by step how to carry out each procedure.

The school equipped the training chamber with the initial goal of helping its students to quickly get used to the new conditions, to study the American algorithms of the procedures and the new medical tools for them, but in the past few years they introduced practical skills questions to the exam, so now this knowledge is needed even to pass the exam. In addition, all nurses are now recommended to have certificates for blood sampling and electrocardiogram removal (which will help them with further employment); these programs can also be taken at school, there are corresponding classes both on Saturdays and on weekdays.

Photo: Concord Rusam

Affordable education for all

Administration Private Career School Concord Rusam He also helps his students with the evaluation of their diplomas at all stages of passing documents. Indeed, from the correct paperwork depends on obtaining permission for the right to pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

thanks Concord rusam Thousands of medical workers from different countries have already passed examinations and received permission to work as a nurse in various US states.

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