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Quarantine as an opportunity: how to master a promising profession in a few months

Any crisis not only creates problems, but also opens up new opportunities. And the pandemic raging in the world is no exception. In particular, HR professionals predict that in the post-coronavirus era, the demand for healthcare workers will grow strongly. According to experts, now more and more companies not related to medicine hire full-time doctors, and some even create special medical units.

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Therefore, in the coming months and years, the demand for physicians in the United States will continue to grow. Medical specialists will be needed where before the pandemic they did not even think about hiring them.

And here quarantine gives us another invaluable opportunity - time. Those who previously understood the need to master a new promising specialty, but were afraid to even think about starting their studies due to the eternal lack of time, now received a respite from employment and can start developing in a new direction.

In addition, the pandemic has forced many to rethink their views of the world and their place in it, causing some to want to devote themselves to something new. And medicine, as shown by labor market data, is an excellent area for starting a new successful life. With an average projected 5% growth in U.S. jobs through 2028, forecasts for all medical specialties are much higher.

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A licensed school can help you become the owner of a sought-after profession Concord rusam. For many years of her work, she opened the door to the world of medicine to thousands of Americans and immigrants in the United States. The school now offers a variety of training formats, including online classes, to comply with quarantine and ensure students' comfort.

It is possible to master many promising medical professions in America even without previous experience in this field and in just a few months. These include:

Blood sampling specialist (Phlebotomy technician)

Blood sampling is one of the shortest and most affordable programs in Concord rusam. In just a few weeks (200 hours of training), students master the technique of taking blood, storing and transporting samples, study the labeling of test tubes, pass an exam for a certificate, after which they can start working in a medical office or a mobile laboratory.

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Such specialists, according to Glassdoor, earn from $ 22 to $ 37 thousand per year. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2028, employment in this area will grow by 23%.

Electrocardiogram Specialist (Electrocardiography Technician)

Upon completion of this course, the graduate will receive the qualification and certificate necessary for working with the equipment of an electrocardiograph (ECG) and reading the test results on this device. Full course in Concord rusam covers the theory and practice of electrocardiography and takes 52 hours of classroom and clinical training.

Until 2028, employment in this industry will grow by 22%, the average salary of such specialists is $ 38,5 thousand.

Patient Care Specialist (Patient Care Technician)

This 377-hour course includes classes Phlebotomy technician, Electrocardiography Technician и Certified Nurse Aide. Upon completion of these three programs, students receive separate certificates for each specialty and a general certificate for a specialist in patient care (PCT).

In this industry, they earn from $ 27 to $ 42 thousand per year, the demand for them will increase by 2028% by 9.

Pharmacist Assistant (Pharmacy Technician)

Pharmacist assistants can work in pharmacies and pharmacy departments of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. Training program in Concord rusam takes 96 hours. Classes are conducted by highly professional instructors with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. The program includes familiarization with medical drugs, calculation of dosages of various drugs, dosage methods, inventory, account management, prescriptions and laws in the pharmaceutical field.

The number of jobs in this area will increase by 2028% until 7, and salaries here can reach $ 40 thousand per year.

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Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (Medical Billing and Coding)

This profession is in great demand in the USA, where the basis of medical services is insurance medicine. It is the biller that binds the patient, the insurance company and any institution where they provide medical services. Concord Rusam will make you a biller in just 4 months. During this time, students will be taught varieties of insurance, as well as help them learn the special coding of various medical services and maintaining professional medical documentation.

The salaries of such specialists range from $ 27 to $ 66 thousand per year, and the demand for them will increase by 2028% by 11.

Receptionist (Clinical Medical Assistant)

This toa course at Concord Rusam lasts six months (920 hours of class) and includes classes Electrocardiography Technician и Phlebotomy technicianas well as clinical practice in medical offices. Clinical Medical Assistant helps the doctor in absolutely everything, including filling out documents where the patient's condition can be described using terms in Latin. At the end of the course, students receive school certificates separately for all three specialties.

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By 2028, demand for such specialists will grow by 23%, in the United States they are paid an average of $ 30 thousand per year.

Concord Rusam school not only provides quality education, but also helps its graduates find work. Representatives of medical offices who want to accept Concord Rusam graduates to vacant positions are often contacted here. Graduates of the school working in hospitals and offices immediately report on the vacancies that have opened and recommend students of the school.

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