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15 in-demand professions in the USA, the demand for which will grow in the coming years

The US economy was hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, with tens of millions of people losing their jobs in just a few months. Since May, the situation is gradually leveling off, and the economy is increasing the number of jobs. However, different spheres are being restored unevenly.

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For those who are looking for a job or intend to build a new career, the job site Indeed compiled a list of 15 most in-demand specialties, which are predicted to grow rapidly in the near future. The pandemic has not broken the trend of recent years - medical and technological professions are still at the peak of demand in the United States.

Nurse assistant

These specialists work under the supervision of nurses in hospitals and nursing homes. Their responsibilities include collecting patient vital signs, helping patients with personal hygiene, serving food, and keeping health records.

To obtain this profession, you need to complete an appropriate course and receive a certificate.

Median Salary: $ 28 a year

Certified Nurse

These professionals manage patient care processes, including medications and procedures. They also explain the treatment process to patients and their families, conduct tests, evaluate results and keep a medical history.

To work as a nurse, you must have a license.

Median Salary: $ 70 a year

Home care specialist

These specialists take care of clients directly in their places of residence. They assist with daily tasks, including dressing and personal hygiene, and ensure that clients take their prescribed medication on time.

Although these jobs do not require formal education, many employers insist that such professionals be certified by the National Association for Home Care.

Average salary: $ 15 an hour

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Health Services Administrator

These professionals are responsible for various services provided by hospitals or other health care facilities. Their responsibilities include ordering and keeping records of supplies, scheduling employees, and keeping staff informed of any policy changes.

Median Salary: $ 70 a year

Medical technologist

Medical technologists are responsible for the management of medical equipment used to analyze body fluids such as blood and urine. They collect samples, report test results, and work with medical experts to make diagnoses based on the findings.

Median Salary: $ 56 a year

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How to master these professions

You can get all these specialties at a New York school Concord rusam.

Sex Nurse Assistant (CNA) you can after listening 125 hour coursecovering both theoretical and practical aspects of such work. The course includes 30 hours of clinical practice for students to learn how to apply the knowledge gained in real life.

А NCLEX-RN Exam Preparation Online Course for Registered Nurse will help international medical graduates adapt their knowledge to American requirements, as well as guide them through the difficult process of obtaining a Registered Nurse in the United States.

The course includes lectures delivered by licensed instructors with easy-to-read handouts and a review of tests designed in the style of the NCLEX-RN exam. This course will allow you to take the NCLEX-RN Practice Test as many times as you need in order to feel confident before the actual exam. The 160-hour course from Concord Rusam prepares students to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN by creating a comfortable and understandable learning process both within the walls of the school and online.

If you see your future in the sphere home care (HNA), then within 84 hour course Concord Rusam will prepare you for this job. During the course, students master the theoretical and practical skills necessary to assist clients of different ages at home, with the receipt of the appropriate certificate.

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For those who are interested administration of medical institutions (Business Administrator), Concord Rusam has an extensive 240 hour course on business management. Its graduates are ready to manage projects in various fields, including medicine - one of the fastest growing at the moment.

In addition, the school offers a training course blood sampling specialists (Phlebotomy technician)... In just a few weeks students master the technique of blood collection, storage and transportation of samples, study tube labeling, pass an exam for a certificate, after which they can start working in a medical office or a mobile laboratory.

The school has a course electrocardiogamma removal technique (ECG Technician)... Upon successful completion of this program, students receive the appropriate school certificate and take a national exam.

School Concord rusam not only provides a quality education, but also helps its graduates to find work. Representatives of medical offices who want to accept Concord Rusam graduates to vacant positions are often contacted here. Graduates of the school working in hospitals and offices immediately report on the vacancies that have opened and recommend students of the school.

Other promising careers according to Indeed

Average salary: $ 74 per year

Physiotherapist assistant
Median Base Salary: $ 33

Median Salary: $ 57 a year

Operational Analyst
Median Salary: $ 61 a year

Financial Consultant
Average salary: $ 66 per year

Web developer
Median Salary: $ 72 a year

Information Security Analyst
Median Salary: $ 81 a year

Median Salary: $ 83 a year

Software developer
Median Salary: $ 105 a year

Median Salary: $ 31 a year

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