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Walgreens, Walmart and CVS open medical offices: how to become their employee

Walgreens pharmacy chain plans to open full-service physician offices in hundreds of US stores over the next five years.

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Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), in collaboration with VillageMD, a medical company, intends to open between 500 and 700 drugstore-based primary care clinics. Over the next three years, Walgreens will invest $ 1 billion in this project. This will allow the network to gain control of a 30% stake in VillageMD for the organization of medical offices in pharmacies.

Over the next five years, hundreds of Walgreens clinics will be open in at least 30 major cities, and then another 20, said Walgreens Morrie Smulewitz. According to Smulewitz, each clinic will occupy about 25% of the average Walgreens store.

These clinics will feature over 3600 primary care providers accepting several health insurance options. Walgreens Clinics will also provide telemedicine services.

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The creation of medical offices at pharmacies is becoming a trend in the United States. CVS announced its intention to acquire Aetna insurance company for $ 70 billion and through this transaction to open 2021 so-called HealthHubs by the end of 1500. These hubs will provide medical care for people with chronic diseases, as well as provide other medical services and products.

Walmart, the country's largest retailer, is also beginning to test outpatient clinics based on its retail outlets.

Back in 2018, Amazon teamed up with Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) and JP Morgan (JPM) in an attempt to create convenient and affordable options for obtaining medical services for employees of these companies and their families. Now companies are thinking about expanding the project.

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Analysts predict that by 2025, many retail outlets (and not just pharmacies) will acquire medical offices that will provide a wide range of medical services, focused primarily on older people who need easy and easy access to doctors.

These trends are good news not only for healthcare clients, who will receive a wider choice of providers with easier access to healthcare providers. It is also a great opportunity for anyone looking to get a well-paying job in the healthcare industry. The opening of new medical offices across the country will fuel the already high demand for medical professionals in the United States, and their shortages will lead to better offers on pay and working conditions. Moreover, it is possible to master many promising medical professions in America even without previous experience in this field and in just a few months, which makes this niche accessible to almost anyone.

A licensed school can help you become the owner of a sought-after profession Concord rusam. For many years of her work, she opened the door to the world of medicine to thousands of Americans and immigrants in the United States. The school now offers a variety of training formats, including online classes, to comply with quarantine and ensure students' comfort. Registration for the new sets of full-time courses is already open, go to the more detailed information. link.

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In the list of courses Concord rusam includes professions that will surely be in demand in new offices at retail outlets.

Blood sampling specialist (Phlebotomy technician)

A blood test is one of the main methods of diagnosing many diseases, so no medical office can do without such specialists. IN Concord rusam You can master this profession in just a few weeks. Such specialists, according to Glassdoor, earn from $ 22 to $ 37 thousand per year.

Electrocardiogram Specialist (Electrocardiography Technician)

Since the announced Walgreens medical offices will be targeted primarily at non-elderly clients who are more likely to encounter problems of the cardiovascular system more often than other age groups, these offices will certainly not be able to do without specialists in making an electrocardiogram. Corresponding course in Concord rusamcovering the theory and practice of electrocardiography, takes just a few weeks classroom and clinical training. The average salary of such specialists is $ 38,5 thousand.

Pharmacist Assistant (Pharmacy Technician)

Of course, the medical office at the pharmacy should definitely be equipped with such specialists. Appropriate training program in Concord rusam course takes a couple of months. The salaries of pharmacist assistants can reach $ 40 thousand per year.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (Medical Billing and Coding)

Any clinic and pharmacy in the conditions of the American medical system simply can not work without such specialists. It is the biller that binds the patient, the insurance company and any institution where they provide medical services. Concord Rusam will make you a biller in just 4 months. The salaries of such specialists range from $ 32 up to $ 66 thousand per year.

Receptionist (Clinical Medical Assistant)

Medical offices at retail outlets will provide various services, but none of them will definitely be able to do without doctors, and those without assistants. The corresponding course at Concord Rusam lasts six months and includes classes Electrocardiography Technician и Phlebotomy technicianas well as clinical practice in medical offices. Clinical Medical Assistant earn on average from $ 30 thousand per year.

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All these professions can be obtained even by those who have never previously worked in medicine. If you have a medical education and work experience in your native country, then in the USA you can apply for the position of registered nurse (Registered Nurse). Such specialists are in great demand in traditional hospitals, and they will certainly be needed in new medical offices at distribution networks. The average salary in this area is $ 77,5 thousand per year. Preparing for a nurse license can also help you. Concord rusam.

As part of the course NCLEX-RN Exam Nursing Online Registered Nursing Course school specialists Concord rusam will help holders of medical diplomas from other countries to adapt their knowledge to American requirements, as well as guide them through the difficult process of obtaining a Registered Nurse license in the United States.

The course provides students with a test of their knowledge through the search for answers and analysis with teachers of nearly 2000 questions drawn up in the style of the NCLEX exam. Questions are offered in the same formats as the tasks in NCLEX: multiple choice, ordering of options, tables, charts, filling out forms, audio and video.

This online course will allow you to take the NCLEX practice test as many times as you need in order to feel confident before a real exam. Concord Rusam’s 160-hour course prepares students for the successful completion of NCLEX-RN by creating a comfortable and understandable online learning process. Course very interactive, with the presence of animation, video, audio and other tools that will help you quickly and easily learn the necessary material. It offers students all the important learning tools and case studies needed to pass the NCLEX-RN test. In addition, you can do it yourself engage in a computer class, where the database contains about 30 thousand exam questions.

Concord Rusam school not only provides quality education, but also helps its graduates find work. Representatives of medical offices who want to accept Concord Rusam graduates to vacant positions are often contacted here. Graduates of the school working in hospitals and offices immediately report on the vacancies that have opened and recommend students of the school.

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