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Former Trump's housekeepers talked about the president’s unusual household requirements

Two former immigrants who served as housekeepers for U.S. President Donald Trump talked about the weird rules they had to follow. For example, put a certain number of Tic Tac boxes on the bedside table and check the cosmetics that were used to make up the American leader.

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Sandra Diaz and Quiz Morales publicly announced a year ago through The Post and The New York Times that they had been illegally hired to work in Trump’s house, despite the president’s ongoing protests against illegal immigration. Both women were at that time immigrants without documents, writes Insider. Они сказали, что решили выступить, потому что хотели “разоблачить его лицемерие”.

Women also gave some insight into their habits and the habits of Trump. For example, the president loves Tic Tac, so he demanded that housekeepers exhibit exactly two full and one half-empty containers in his bedroom office.

По их словам, он предпочитает косметику Bronx Colours из Швейцарии, которую необходимо было “подавать” как Tic Tac — два полных контейнера и один полупустой.

Diaz, who is currently a resident of the United States, said that she smeared Trump’s liquid makeup on the back of her hand to make sure she’s still fresh, and that housewives often had to change President’s shirts because his makeup constantly stained collars .

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They say they were taught never to throw away tiny pieces of Irish Spring soap that the president really likes. He himself informed when he wanted to throw them away.

The women also noted that Trump was kind to them at certain points: Morales said that the president once took a mop from her and cleaned the top of the window, where the housekeeper could not get because of her height.

White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said that all of these stories were a lie, but did not explain exactly which details were inaccurate.

“The allegations are not only false, they are a disgusting attempt to invade the privacy of the first family of the state,” she said. “This is not journalism, but fabricated tabloid trash.”

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Спустя год с тех пор как Диас и Моралес обнародовали свои истории, «по меньшей мере 18 людей были уволены на пяти полях для гольфа в Нью-Йорке и Нью-Джерси”, сообщает The Post. «В Бедминстере, по оценкам бывших работников, этой весной уволили еще 30-40 работников, не имеющих документов».

The newspaper reports that there were no deportations due to the actions of Diaz and Morales.

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