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Trump administration proposes new rule for illegal immigrants

The Trump administration publishes a rule allowing the government to send illegal immigrants who did not apply for asylum back to Central America.

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The rule, which will be published in the federal registry on Tuesday, November 19, follows from agreements on cooperation in the field of asylum with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, which were signed this summer, writes Washington examiner.

Former Acting Head of Homeland Security Department Kevin Makalinan contributed to the conclusion of these agreements.

In accordance with the agreements, the listed countries are obliged to stop the attempts of any illegal immigrants to arrive in the USA. If one country cannot stop an illegal immigrant passing through the United States, the United States assumes the right to send immigrants to the country through which they immigrated.

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Countries will receive enhanced US law enforcement and assistance in exchange for the return of illegal immigrants to their countries. This support includes hundreds of millions of dollars that the Trump administration previously held.

According to a recent report, the rule is being prepared for release at a time when the number of illegal immigration to the US in 2019 has grown by more than half a million people.

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