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The plane, flying to Seattle, urgently landed in California due to the death of a passenger

Delta Air Lines flight on March 5 was forced to land in Sacramento (California) after a passenger died on the plane. Writes about it NBC News.

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Flight 1837 was heading from the Mexican resort town of Cape to Seattle, Washington, when a passenger emergency occurred, a Delta Air Lines spokesman said. The flight was rerouted to Sacramento International Airport, where medical personnel assisted the passenger but could not be rescued.

The Sacramento County Coroner's Office identified the passenger as 53-year-old Deryck Howard of Seattle. The cause of death is unclear until the autopsy is completed, but, according to preliminary data, the man died of natural causes, writes People.

“The coroner has to perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death, it will take some time as the doctor usually orders multiple tests and has to wait for the results,” the coroner's office said in a statement.

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Following the incident, the flight departed with the remaining passengers and arrived in Seattle shortly after 21:00 pm local time, about two hours behind schedule.

What happens when someone dies in the plane

The crew members, together with the dispatcher on the ground, decide whether to continue the flight or to make an emergency landing. Their decision is affected by: the terrain, the possibility of landing and the cause of death of the passenger.

But while the plane is in the air, the crew members transfer the body to a seat in the unoccupied row or in the first class, where the distance between the seats is much larger. If there are no free seats, then the deceased passenger is left in his place, wear a seat belt and completely cover the rug.

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It is worth noting that the passenger can not be considered dead until the landing. The decision to ascertain death is made by a medical officer or a representative of local authorities already at the airport.

Of course, given that the number of passengers a year is about 3 billion, the likelihood of such a situation is extremely small, but, unfortunately, it is not equal to zero.

What if the pilot died? Do not forget that there are two of them in the cockpit. The co-pilot turns on automatic control, informs the controller about the situation and requests permission for an emergency landing.

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