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Work is guaranteed: an immigrant from Uzbekistan shared his experience on how to choose a profession in the USA

More than 617 thousand - that's how many bridges there are in the United States. The average age of the bridge is 44 years. Seven percent, or 46 thousand, have serious structural problems. Identifying them is very important, but not easy, he says "Voice of America".

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This requires people of a rare profession: inspectors, who must be engineers, water and rock climbers, and operators of flying unmanned vehicles at the same time.

An immigrant from Uzbekistan living in Colorado told how he chose this profession and why this work is the key to a stable life in the United States.

Scuba diving to a depth of 120 meters - this is how engineer Zohid Salakhadinov begins his working day.

“I am originally from Uzbekistan. He came to the United States in 2015, when he entered the University of Nebraska to study civil engineering and architecture,” he says.

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Getting a job for international students in the United States is not easy due to the difficulties in obtaining an appropriate visa. However, Zohid says: he understood that the profession of an engineer is in demand in the United States. And I was sure that after graduating, he would find a job. For the second year, he has been working as an infrastructure engineer in Colorado.

“Two years ago I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering,” he says. “I was hired by a start-up company in Colorado that offered bridge design and inspection services.”

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Zohid is not only an engineer. He is also a climber and diver, because bridge inspection requires special skills.

“Some bridges require special testing, like rock climbing or diving to great depths,” he explains. “One of the bridges we recently inspected was the Blue Mesa Reservoir Bridge in Colorado. To check this bridge we had to dive to a depth of 120 meters. Few companies in the US can perform such an inspection. This makes our work special. There are many engineers, but few have experience in rock climbing or diving.”

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Another skill required in this job is the ability to fly drones to be able to get a bird's eye view of the bridge. For Zohid, it also became a hobby in his spare time.

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“When the bridge is very high, we use drones,” he says. “Thanks to this, I developed a hobby of aerial photography. In my free time, I travel around Colorado and film with my own drone.”

According to Zohid, a unique skill set is what makes a person competitive in the job market. He advises young people who come to the United States to study to choose unique professions. The more complex the training, the more demand there will be for your profession, he believes.

The average salary for a civil engineer bridge inspector in the United States is more than $82 per year.

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