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Ten companies in the USA that pay college tuition for employees

The "natural" order of things is to go to college and then get a job. But today, rising tuition benefits at some large corporations are changing that order, making it easier for employees to first get a job at a large company and then go to college. About 10 companies that will help you pay for your studies, said the publication Money Talks News.

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Tuition Assistance Programs are nothing new or even unique employee benefits. The most recent study of employee compensation by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 56% of employers in the United States offered their employees some kind of help with tuition fees in 2019, usually in the form of cash reimbursement.

But newer versions are encouraged to deposit up to 100% of the cost of their employees' college education in advance. And, more importantly, rather than targeting employees looking to pursue higher degrees, these programs mainly target employees who have never attended college. For employees, this allows them not to choose between work and leave for their degree.

Help with paying tuition fees from Amazon

Highlights of the program:

  • Pays up to 95% of tuition fees and fees in advance
  • Limited to certificates and associate degrees in high-demand areas as specified by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Compensation for the cost of textbooks is possible


Whether you are looking for a professional certification or associate's degree in an in-demand field like mechanics, information technology, or healthcare, Amazon can help you. Full-time and part-time employees can participate in the Career Choice program after they have worked for the company or any of its subsidiaries for a year.

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Amazon also offers you a classroom. The company has built educational spaces at its facilities to make it easier for employees to take both live, face-to-face courses and virtual classes. According to the company, more than 16 employees worldwide took part in the program.

Boeing Tuition Assistance

Highlights of the program:

  • Pays 100% of tuition fees for STEM programs
  • Employees can choose from over 300 partner organizations
  • The manual applies to all higher education institutions, including doctoral degrees


Boeing, the world leader in aerospace manufacturing, has invested more than $ 1,7 billion in training for its employees. The Learning Together program allows employees to obtain any certificate or diploma of higher education (full-time or online) in selected STEM programs without spending personal funds on their education, including books and any entrance exams.

Among the most popular educational institutions chosen by the staff are the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Employees who earn any associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree while at the company are eligible for Boeing stock.

British Petroleum (BP) Tuition Assistance

Highlights of the program:

  • Reimburses up to 90% of tuition fees for eligible programs
  • The preference applies to books and other required materials
  • You can choose any accredited institution both in person and online


Unlike most companies that require employees to work a certain amount of time in order to qualify for training assistance programs, BP allows full-time employees to participate in the program on their first day on the job. The London-based energy company will reimburse tuition fees for up to 90% of the eligible degree costs that match the employee's current position with the company.

Eligible costs include tuition, fees, books, software, exams, and certification fees. To be eligible for compensation, employees must first obtain approval to participate in the program and complete the course with a passing grade.

Help in paying for tuition from Chipotle

Highlights of the program:

  • Pays all tuition fees in advance
  • More than 75 online programs available
  • Reserved for junior staff and bachelors


The Chipotle Cultivate Education program began with tuition refunds, but in 2019, the company partnered with Guild Education - the company that manages corporate education incentives - to also offer fully funded higher education degrees.

The company currently pays for over 75 online business and technology programs at nine institutions, including Purdue University Global, Wilmington University, and Oregon State University. To participate in the program, you must be employed for 120 days and work at least 15 hours per week.

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Chipotle recently announced that it will add culinary arts, supply chain management, and agriculture to its academic offerings later this year.

Discover help with tuition fees

Highlights of the program:

  • Pays full tuition and fees, as well as books and supplies for select online courses and technical majors
  • Partner institutions include the University of Wilmington, Brandman University and the University of Florida
  • Employees are eligible for this benefit immediately upon hiring.


The financial services company partnered with Guild Education to offer its College Commitment program back in 2018. Through this program, full-time and part-time employees can receive a complete course (including textbooks and supplies) at any partner institution.

Eligible programs include a bachelor's degree in computer science, business administration, business administration, and computer and network security.

The company also offers a partially funded program for those who choose to study at a non-partner institution, with an annual limit of $ 2500 to $ 10, depending on the degree level.

Help with paying tuition fees from Disney

Highlights of the program:

  • Fully covers the costs of undergraduate and graduate studies
  • Employees are allowed to work in any field of their choice
  • Compensation for textbooks is possible
  • No requirement to stay with the company after graduation


In the most magical place on earth, the Aspire Learning Assistance Program was launched back in 2018. It is available after 90 days of work for corporate employees, company hotel staff and actors in parks.

Eligible employees receive 100% of the tuition fees for online courses paid in advance at one of the company's more than 10 partner institutions, including the University of Arizona, the University of Denver and the University of Florida. This guide applies to undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as certificates and trading programs.

More than 11 Disney employees participate in the Aspire program, with its most popular majors in business, hospitality, social sciences and psychology.

Help in paying for tuition from Papa John's

Highlights of the program:

  • Pays tuition fees at the Purdue University Global Campus and the University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Bachelor's and Master's degrees available
  • Offers discounts on tuition for family members of the team


The pizza chain has partnered with Purdue University Global and the University of Maryland Global Campus to help team members earn bachelor's and master's degrees without spending a penny on tuition or textbooks.

To qualify, employees must work at least 20 hours per week for a minimum of 90 days. The company also offers a 14% to 25% tuition discount for family members of employees who live in the same home.

Starbucks Tuition Assistance

Highlights of the program:

  • Covers 100% of tuition and fees for online degrees at Arizona State University
  • More than 100 programs to choose from
  • No requirement to stay with the company after completing the program


Starbucks, one of the first large corporations to announce full-time tuition benefits for all employees, first unveiled its college achievement plan in 2014. Through this grant, the company pays for employee training for any Arizona State University online undergraduate program.

To be eligible for the benefit, you must have worked for the company for at least 240 hours. It should also be your first bachelor's degree.

To date, more than 14 employees have completed college training through the program.

Help in paying for tuition from T-Mobile

Highlights of the program:

  • Pays 100% of training costs for full-time and part-time employees
  • Five online establishments to choose from
  • Covers both undergraduate and advanced degrees


It is now the second largest network in America. T-Mobile allows its employees to participate in the tuition assistance program after 90 days of work. The program covers all tuition and prepayment costs, including books, required study materials and software.

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Full-time employees can choose from five partner institutions: Ashford University, Capella University, Colorado Tech University, Kaplan University, and the University of Phoenix. Part-time employees are eligible to take advantage of this benefit, but are limited to the University of Phoenix's academic offer.

Help with tuition fees from Walmart and Sam's Club

Highlights of the program:

  • Tuition fees are paid in advance at partner universities
  • Covers associate, bachelor's and certification programs for employees after their first day of work
  • Areas of study include healthcare, business, supply chain management and technology


Walmart and Sam's Club, part of the same corporation, offer the same tuition fee assistance program called Live Better U. Employees can pursue higher education online at six non-profit institutions, including Brandman University, Wilmington University and the University of Florida.

While both companies pay tuition and books up front, employees are still responsible for paying a $ 1 fee for each day they participate in the programs. The contribution is paid by the staff directly to the universities.

Employees can also earn college credits by completing some of the company's paid training courses, allowing them to earn their degree faster. In addition, there is a $ 1500 college graduation bonus for employees who did not have a college degree prior to joining the program.

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