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Pavel Durov shared a list of overvalued and underestimated things in modern life

Pavel Durov on his birthday made a list of three undervalued and seven overvalued things in life. Esquire.

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Pavel Durov is a Russian entrepreneur, programmer, dollar billionaire, one of the founders of the Vkontakte social network and the company of the same name, the cross-platform Telegram messenger and other projects.

According to the founder of Telegram, sleep, nature and loneliness are underestimated, while big cities, social networks and celebrity tips are overrated.

The founder of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov, who turned 10 on October 37, shared a list of the three most underrated and seven most overrated things.

Durov called sleep, nature and loneliness the most underestimated things in the world.

What Pavel Durov called underestimated:
  • sleep, because it "enhances immunity, creativity and psychological well-being";
  • nature, because it is “the environment in which we are biologically good”;
  • loneliness, which, in his opinion, "gives freedom to make spiritual and intellectual breakthroughs."
    The list of overrated items is much longer:
  • big cities are sources of pollution, crime and noise. “It’s good to have access to their resources, but it’s better to live outside of them,” says Durov;
  • restaurants are the slowest and least efficient way to eat. Cooking at home, Durov said, “allows for a healthier diet and better control of ingredients”;
  • hot weather - leads to relaxed behavior, increases the risk of cancer, promotes faster aging. The cold temperature strengthens the spirit, body and mind;
  • fashion - the endless pursuit of keeping up with changing trends is expensive and unnecessary. Better to wear comfortable clothes that make life easier and make room for more important things;
  • real estate is a dubious investment that restricts freedom of movement. The best solution is rent;
  • social media - the “continuous stream of garbage” in them makes people less happy and reduces creativity. Durov believes that getting rid of these Internet services is "the best thing that can be done any day";
  • celebrity advice - you need to rely on exact science and expert opinion. On his last birthday, Durov named seven ways to fight aging. Among them are healthy sleep, refusal from alcohol, meat and overeating, playing sports, limiting stressful situations. Durov also noted that it is better to live alone.

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