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U.S. quarantine withdrawal: Trump unveils three-step plan

The plan to return to normal life in the US, proposed by the head of the White House, is divided into three phases, writes

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US President Donald Trump, as promised, presented his plan to remove the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Document called "Opening Up America Again" (Discover America again) unveiled on the official website White House. By the way, the slogan of the project was inspired by the presidential campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.

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The plan was developed by the Trump administration with the participation of medical experts and announced at a White House briefing. Moreover, as the president said, the governors of those states where the situation with the Covid-19 coronavirus does not raise concerns can begin a phased resumption of economic activity from today on April 17.

Only states responding can quarantine cancellation specific requirements. Among them are a decrease in the number of suspected and confirmed cases of coronavirus infection within 14 days, the absence of severe patients with COVID-19, and an established program for testing people at risk. Also, before lifting restrictions, states will need to make sure that they have enough capacity to test and treat new cases of COVID-19.

The plan for a return to normal life in the United States proposed by the head of the White House is divided into three phases.

At the first stage It is proposed to maintain strict measures of social distance, especially for vulnerable segments of the population. In public places it is necessary to be as far apart as possible, not to be gathered by companies of more than ten people and to refrain from trips that are not necessary. At this stage, educational institutions will remain closed. There is also a ban on visiting older people.

In the second stage it is planned to open educational institutions, it will be possible to assemble in groups of up to 50 people, optional trips are allowed. Other measures will remain the same. Seniors at this stage will be possible to visit with special permissions.

The third stage implies the abolition of restrictions for vulnerable groups of people, subject to social distance. All institutions will be able to resume work.

Anthony Fauci, an expert immunologist and White House consultant, in turn, added that the prepared plan also includes fourth phase, but it, first of all, implies the presence of an effective vaccine against Covid-19. At the same time, he noted that the tough measures introduced by the US administration have borne fruit, and expressed the hope that the country will successfully go through the stages announced.

Speaking to reporters, Trump separately mentioned the resumption of sporting events. The President explained that at first they will be held in empty stands, then a limited number of spectators will be allowed to enter the stadiums, and finally, after the threat of coronavirus is completely eliminated, the stadiums will be filled again.

“Many of the sports will initially be exclusively televised,” Trump said.

Later, the president said, fans will be allowed into the stands, but in such a way that, for example, those sitting “are separated from each other by two empty seats”.

“And finally, when the virus goes away, we will have full stadiums,” Trump said, adding that a similar phased scheme would apply when restaurants reopen.

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