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Power outage, snow and icing: a powerful winter storm is approaching Texas

This week, the weather in parts of Texas will be like a rollercoaster - it will be warm and sunny, or frosty with snow storms. All this is due to the arrival of cold Arctic air masses. According to experts, the peak of the winter storm is expected from Texas to Maine on January 21-22. Writes about it CNN.

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“75 to 35 sounds like car power, but the numbers are not in miles per hour. This is the temperature range in Houston over the next few days (degrees Fahrenheit/+23,8-1,6 Celsius. – Ed.),” said meteorologist Chad Myers.

And it's not just that the state will plunge into the cold. A cold front will stretch from the south of the region to the north of Maine. And temperatures will drop well below average in the eastern half of the United States this time of year.

“In Corpus Christi, Texas, the temperature reached 19 degrees (80 Celsius) on January 26,6, but dropped sharply by the evening of January 20,” meteorologist Dave Hennen said. “On average, the city only gets ice or snow every three or four winters.”

Icy weather in Texas

The thought of another icy disaster in Texas is likely alarming after last year's ice storm that damaged public infrastructure and killed dozens of people.

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Luckily, this doesn't look like the previous huge ice storm, although there's a good chance there will be a winter storm along the south Texas cold front.

"Much of south Texas will be covered in snow," the Brownsville office of the National Weather Service tweeted.

A winter storm warning covers the southern part of the state from Austin to Brownsville.

“Those planning to go outside should be prepared for potential ice buildup on exposed surfaces such as sidewalks, bridges and overpasses,” the Austin weather service said.

In some isolated areas, ice may accumulate on the roads, but it looks like most of the icing will be on open surfaces.

В D.C. and New York are also likely to have some light snow.

In Nashville, Tennessee, light rain is expected, turning into ice, and snow accumulation is formed.

While total snowfall does not appear to be significant, winter weather during commuting hours can often create problems.

In New York, it is likely that rain will turn to snow as the front moves.

Coastal Carolina could freeze over too

Along the same cold front, freezing rain is likely in Carolina on the night of January 20-21, and heavy icing is possible on January 21 in eastern North Carolina.

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"A winter storm in east Carolina and south Texas is not something that happens every day," the Greenville, South Carolina meteorological office tweeted.

The total amount of wet snow can grow up to 2 inches (5 cm), and ice - from one tenth to three tenths of an inch.

"Possible power outages and damage to trees," the Raleigh, North Carolina office of the National Weather Service warned.

The biggest risk of winter precipitation is expected on the night of Friday to Saturday (January 21-22).

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