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One verb - 15 meanings: which word is indispensable in English

The word GET in English can have several meanings in which you can sometimes get confused. We suggest you to consider and learn the most common uses of the word get in English. All these meanings are used in everyday speech and will definitely be useful for communication.

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Before we begin, let's recall the three forms of the verb get [ˈɡet]: got [ˈɡɒt] (simple past tense (Past Simple)); got [ˈɡɒt] (past participle) (reminds)

1 value.
Receive, buy, acquire

  • Where did you get these shoes?
    Where did you get these shoes? (where did you get / buy these shoes?)
  • He has two invitation cards for that luxury summer party.
    He received two complimentary tickets to that gorgeous summer party.

2 value.
Become, come to some state

Often used before an adjective.

For example:

  • Stop sipping when drinking! This is getting me nervous.
    Stop taking a sip when you drink! It makes me nervous. (Literally: I get nervous from this.)
  • It has got dark outside, let's go for a walk.
    It was dark outside, let's go for a walk next time.

Here is another example from the Addams Family:

3 value.
Receive something as a gift

  • What do you want to get for New Year?
    What do your children want for the New Year?

4 value.
Arrive, reach your destination

  • Anthony usually gets home at 7 o'clock.
    Anthony usually gets home in 7 hours.
  • How long does it take you to get to work?
    How much time do you need to get to work?

5 value.

  • Please get me that plate over there.
    Can you give me a cup that lies there, please.
  • Please, be so kind, get me a tea.
    Kindly bring me tea, please.

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6 value.
Experience the physical or psychological state

  • She gets scared when looking down from heights.
  • She is frightened when looking down from a height.
  • I've got you an idea!
    I had an idea, you will like it!
  • He got dizziness when they started driving faster.
    He was dizzy when they started to go faster.

7 value.

  • Our team got 15 thousand dollars for the new project.
    Our team earned 15 thousand dollars for a new project.
  • Now Peter gets it in his former post. But he doesn't regret leaving that job.
    Now Peter earns less than he earned in the previous position. But he does not regret that he quit that job.

8 value.
Do something, achieve the desired, score points (for example, in sports)

  • How many goals did the Brazilian team get?
    How many goals did the team from Brazil get?

9 value.
Understand, capture

  • Sorry, I can't get it.
    Sorry, I can not understand the basic idea of ​​your book.
  • Yeah, I've got it!
    Yes I understand!

10 value.
Get sick

  • Her son got chickenpox from Andrew.
    Her son contracted a chickenpox from Andrew.
  • He has got ill, now he is in a hospital.
    He got sick, now he is in the hospital.

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11 value.
Pay off (benefit, benefit), revenge

  • I promise I'll get you!
    I promise I'll get you! (in the meaning of "I will take revenge on you")
  • That'll get him good!
    It will benefit him!

12 value.
Catch a taxi (get a taxi)

  • I couldn’t get a taxi.
    In the morning there was too much traffic on the roads, I could not catch a taxi.

13 value.
Change the scope of activities, occupation, work

  • He got to sales department two months ago.
    He went to the sales department two months ago.

14 value.
Encourage / force / force / persuade someone to do something

  • Car.
    She drew my attention to that car.
  • My teacher got me to read this book.
    My teacher made me read this book.

15 value.
Finish something

  • Report this week.
    I will finish this report by next week.

As you can see, the verb get can be used in different situations. It is worth remembering the most common examples of its use.

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