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Free online English courses that start right now

Many people do not have enough money to learn English to attend precisely those courses that they would like, or the schedule doesn’t fit in with the work schedule.

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ForumDaily has prepared information on 11 online English courses in different directions, which will soon begin in prestigious American institutions of higher education. To obtain a certificate for tuition you need to pay, however, if you just need knowledge, not a certificate, you can take these courses absolutely free.

  1. Writing in English at University (Lund University)

Getting good writing skills at an early stage is essential for your success, both at university and in your professional life. The purpose of this course:

- give you an understanding of the conventions of academic writing in English;

- to help you put together your own “toolbox” for academic writing skills, as well as to get the opportunity to test these tools and think about your own development as a writer.

Although the course implies general skills, you can apply them to meet your specific needs.

Registration for courses begins on August 31.

2. English for Media Literacy (University of Pennsylvania)

This course is designed for those whose English is not their first language, and who are interested in learning more about US media literacy. You will explore different types of media - such as newspapers, magazines, television and social media. This course will also give you the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the role of the media in our lives.

Anyone can take this course for free and receive a certificate of completion from the University of Pennsylvania. If you want to receive a certificate for free, please fill out the financial assistance form. This course was funded by the US Department of State - Bureau of Education and the Office of the Cultural English Program. All educational materials are available for reuse and free distribution under the license. Attribution 4.0 Creative Commons.

Registration for courses begins on August 31.

3.Writing your World: Finding yourself in the academic space (Cape Town University)

This course will provide practical information on how to write an academic essay, how to develop the skills necessary for a competent academic writer. In other words, this course teaches academic writing skills, allowing you to write and reflect on your understanding of identity. Therefore, if you are thinking about studying at a higher education institution, or if you just want to brush up on your essay writing skills, this course is for you.

Classes are held on 2 hours per week. Registration for courses begins on August 31.

4. Business English: Management and Leadership (Arizona State University)

This course will teach to communicate effectively in English in professional fields. You will expand your vocabulary, improve writing skills and speaking. Learn the terminology used in business, telephone, business correspondence and professional presentations.

Registration begins on August 31.

5.Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative (Vanderbilt University)

In this course, you will learn what happens to stories, paintings and movies when they become the basis of massively multiplayer online games.

The course will allow you to learn something about the theory of storytelling and explore the basics of the history and theory of video games, as well as acquaint students with some key topics in media research.

Registration begins on September 24.

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6.Tricky American English Pronunciation (University of California, Irvine)

In this course, you will practice the sounds of American English, which can sometimes be misleading - both consonants and vowels. You will also learn about things that give the English language a special “music”, for example, how to emphasize the correct syllable in one word, how to raise and lower intonation with natural sound and how to naturally combine sounds and words. Studying these things will help you speak more clearly and make sure that others can understand what you are saying.

This course is useful for those learning English who want to improve the pronunciation of American English for better communication.

Classes last 4 weeks on 3-4 hours per week. Training starts on 31 August.

7. English for Career Development (University of Pennsylvania)

The course, created by the University of Pennsylvania, is funded by the US State Department. To register for this course for free, click Enroll now, And then select Full Course. No certificate. This course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in promoting their careers in the global market.

In this course, you will learn about the job search process, resume writing and cover letter and interview in the United States, comparing with the same process in your home country.

The first block of this course will present the application process for a job in the US and strategies for identifying jobs that meet your interests and skills. In the 2 block, the steps required to create a professional resume. In the 3 block, you will develop a clear and concise cover letter. The final part of the course focuses on communication skills and interviews.

Anyone can take this course for free and receive a certificate of completion issued by the University of Pennsylvania. Training starts on 31 August.


8. Clinical Terminology for International and US Students (University of Pittsburgh)

Understanding the terms and abbreviations commonly used in American hospitals is challenging. Adaptation can be difficult for foreign students for whom English is a non-native language. This course is designed to help you understand the terms and abbreviations that are commonly found in US medical institutions.

Training begins on August 31.

9. "Preparing for a Graduate Study in the US: A course for international students" (University of Michigan)

This course will prepare you for a future graduate school in the United States. You will have the opportunity to meet other potential graduate students, hear valuable advice from international graduate students in the United States and share your thoughts, stories and experiences in English in practice.

Classes are held 2-3 hours a week. Registration for courses begins on August 31.

10. «American Deaf Culture » (University of Houston system)

This is a 6-week course that provides a historical overview of the deaf American community and its evolving culture. The theoretical foundations of sociology are investigated. Deafness as a culture, not a disability, is explained by the fact that participants are sent to the world of deaf culture.
This course is intended primarily for second-year students who are interested in the social sciences, language learning, as well as the arts and humanities.

Classes are held in 2 hours per module. Registration for courses begins on August 31.

11. 'English for Business and Entrepreneurship» (University of Pennsylvania)

Welcome to English for business and entrepreneurship. The course, created at the University of Pennsylvania and sponsored by the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of the English Language Program. In order to enroll in this course for free, click on “Sign up now” and then select “Complete course. Without a certificate. This course is intended for non-native English speakers who are interested in learning more about the global business economy. In this course, you will learn about the topics necessary for success in international business. You will explore business English through authentic reading and video lectures — to learn business vocabulary.

Training will last 5 weeks on 2 / 4 hours per week. Registration for courses begins on August 31.

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