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'Inhuman crime': in California, a man poisoned the homeless and filmed it

On Thursday, June 11, in California, a man was accused of poisoning eight homeless people with food. At the same time, he filmed what was happening on camera, writes Fox News.

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According to prosecutors, some of the alleged victims believe that they participated in the “food program”. Several of them were hospitalized, according to a press release from Orange County Prosecutors.

38-year-old William Robert Cable of San Andreas filmed a homeless reaction to food flavored with pepper oleoresin, which is twice as strong as the pepper spray used by police.

“These people were bullied because they were vulnerable,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. "They were exploited and poisoned as a perverse form of entertainment, and their pain was videotaped so that the attacker could relive it many times."

Victims complained of various symptoms, in particular a paroxysmal condition, shortness of breath, vomiting, and severe pain in the mouth and stomach. Many of the victims did not know that the food was unfit for consumption.

Crimes reportedly began in mid-May. Cable was already arrested on May 22 in Huntington Beach, where all the alleged poisoning was carried out.

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Cable involved the minor in his misconduct, said Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy. He said that made the crimes "even more reprehensible."

“The inhuman nature of the crime combined with the targeting of vulnerable populations is shocking,” Handy added.

Cable was charged with eight counts of poisoning and one count of harming an elderly person - all felony. He was also charged with a juvenile delinquency and violation of the rules for drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana while driving.

He faces a maximum of 19 years and three months in prison if he is convicted on all counts. Cable is currently being held in Orange County Prison with a bail of $ 500.

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