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When next time you can take part in the lottery green card

Lottery participants Green Card-2020 since 7 May can check the results. About, how to do itand what steps need to be taken in case of winning, ForumDaily told in its previous materials.

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The next time applications for participation in the lottery of green cards can be submitted tentatively at the beginning of October 2019, the exact dates will be announced in September. For example, registration for the DV-2020 draw was held from October 3 to November 6 on 2018; to participate in the DV-2019 raffle, you could register from October 18 to November 22 2017. As a rule, accepting applications lasts a month or so, so everyone will have enough time to register. Winners in this lottery can get a green card in 2021 year.

However, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants to cancel the drawing of green cards. In particular, after terrorist attack in new york who arranged arrived in 2010 year in the United States on the lottery green cards Uzbek Saifullo Saipov, Trump demanded from Congress to immediately cancel the draws. However, after that no legislative changes were made, and the lotteries in 2017 and 2018 passed normally.

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Green card - one way to immigrate in the US, accessible to almost everyone.

Registration takes place only on one official lottery site - The registration process is absolutely free, and a person can fill in an application with minimal knowledge of the language.

If you are worried that you can not cope with the filling, read through beforehand. step by step instructions.

Apply better personally, without intermediaries.

There are several reasons for this:

  • You will pay $ 30-150 for what you can do yourself.
  • Intermediaries and any other persons do not affect the lottery results. The choice of winners is determined by the computer.
  • The mediator may apply next year without your knowledge, and if you do the same, you will be disqualified, because you can apply once a year.
  • If you applied through intermediaries, they can provide your mailing address and, in case of a win, demand additional money for the result information.

For more details on how not to become a victim of intermediaries in the lottery green card, read here.

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If you still have a lot of questions - read our material in which are given Answers to common questions about applying for a green card lottery.

Despite the large amount of information about the lottery, many myths have formed around it. The debunking of the main ones can be found in our material on link.

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