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Three useful services for those who want to immigrate to the USA

The topic of moving to the USA, Europe or other regions of the world never loses its relevance. Spark gathered in one place a list of online services that will be useful to those who are seriously thinking about immigration. Surprisingly, there are not so many “live” and active startups in this area. Here are the best ones.

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«It's time to throw"- information on moving from expats from different countries

The service working with 2017 of the year is a platform where potential immigrants can find consultants who have already moved to their countries of interest. To start work, you need to select the target country for the move, as well as the method of migration.

After that, the system will issue a list of people who have already moved to the same country in the same way - work, study, purchase of real estate in order to obtain a residence permit, downshifting, marriage. If such people are not found, the robot will automatically offer the most suitable consultants from the nearest regions for replacement.

Consultations can be paid and free - it all depends on the desires of a particular consultant. Communication takes place in the chat.

FileRight - automated preparation of documents for obtaining green cards and non-working visas in the USA

The service also provides services for the preparation of documents for obtaining green cards based on marriage or family reunification.

Through FileRight, you can also prepare documents for changing status within the United States - this is necessary, for example, to switch from a tourist visa to a work visa. Documents are filled out using answers to questions in English (Spanish is also available), then the documents are checked for errors, the user is presented with recommendations for submitting the finished package of documents.

Relocate.Me - service for job search with the possibility of moving

A platform where vacancies of international IT companies are posted. The essence of the service is that only vacancies are published on the site, implying relocation and assistance in moving from the hiring party. Vacancies of companies that do not help applicants with relocation are not published on the service.

At the moment, the main focus is on technical positions in European countries, such as Germany and Holland, but there are also options in other regions - for example, in Australia. The creators also suggest using a separate resume composing tool (CV).

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