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How to get US citizenship if your spouse is an American

US law allows spouses of US citizens born in other countries to obtain US citizenship. We offer you a detailed analysis of this process.

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

According to US law, you can apply for naturalization by 319 Section (a) Immigration and Citizenship Act (INA) if:

  • You have been a permanent resident (you have a green card) for at least 3 years;
  • You remain in marriage with the same US citizen during this period;
  • You meet all the other requirements of this section of the law.

In some cases, spouses of US citizens can apply for naturalization, even if they work abroad and have not lived in the US as permanent residents for the required period of time. Such spouses are subject to Section 319 (b) of the Immigration and Citizenship Act.

More information can be found in brochure US Citizenship and Immigration Services regarding citizenship and naturalization.

For information on spouses of the military, see section on military personnel and their families. Information on obtaining permanent resident status and filing a petition for relatives is in the sections “Green card"And"Family»On the Citizenship and Immigration Services website. ForumDaily also recently talked about how to get a green card if the relative is a US citizen.

General requirements for applicants

To be eligible for naturalization, under Section 319 (a), an applicant must:

  • Be aged 18 or older;
  • To be a permanent resident (holder of a green card) for at least 3 of the year until the application for Form N-400, application for naturalization;
  • To live in a registered marriage with an American citizen / citizen who / s had / s citizenship throughout the entire required period of marriage - 3 years before the application and consideration of the application;
  • To reside in the state or district of the Citizenship and Immigration Services for at least 3 months before the application date;
  • Have the legal status of a permanent resident of the United States and reside in the United States permanently for at least 3 years before applying;
  • Reside permanently in the USA after submitting an application for naturalization and until naturalization;
  • Physically present in the United States for at least 18 months from 3 years prior to the application;
  • Be able to read, write and speak English, know and understand American history and management system (civics);
  • To be a person with positive principles, consistent with the provisions of the US Constitution and benevolently disposed towards the order and welfare of the USA in all periods stipulated by law.

More information can be found in brochure US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Spouses of US Citizens Working Abroad

As a rule, the spouse of an American citizen working for the US government, including the army or other body whose spouse / spouse is required to live abroad because of this work, at least 1 year at the time of application, can apply on naturalization under Section 319 (b) of the Immigration and Citizenship Act.

The spouse of an American citizen working abroad must / be present in the United States as a permanent resident at the time of reviewing the application for naturalization and at the time of naturalization, and also meet all the requirements specified above, except for:

  • There are no requirements for a specific period of stay as a permanent resident (green card holder), but the spouse / -ha must / -to be a permanent resident;
  • There are no requirements for a specific period of permanent residence or physical presence in the United States;
  • There is no requirement for the duration of the marriage, but the spouse must be in a valid marriage at the time of application and prior to naturalization.

Note: You also need to testify that you will need to leave the United States immediately after naturalization, or that you intend to reside in the United States as soon as your spouse’s contract abroad expires.

More information can be found in brochure US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Also read:


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