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How immigrants can quickly get medical education in the USA

At a New York licensed school Concord rusam students who in the past are completely unrelated to medicine, successfully master the Clinical Medical Assistant specialties, Electrocardiography Technician, Phlebotomy Technician and Medical Billing and Coding. These relatively short courses are often taken by people who do not have the opportunity to receive a long and expensive college education, but who still want to change their lives for the better and get a sought-after profession in the American medical field.

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For holders of a nurse diploma, the school offers a course for preparing for the American Laicensa exam Registered Nurse.

The course Clinical Medical Assistant (doctor's assistant at the reception) takes six months and includes classes (which can be taken separately) Electrocardiography Technician (electrocardiogram specialist) and Phlebotomy technician (specialist in blood sampling from a vein), as well as clinical practice in medical offices. Clinical Medical Assistant helps the doctor in absolutely everything, including filling out documents where the patient's condition can be described using terms in Latin. At the end of the course, students receive school certificates separately for all three specialties, and also pass national exams directly in the school and receive certificates that allow them to continue working in their specialty in any state of America.

“The difference in the training of health workers in America and in the post-Soviet space is very great, and this can be felt even in relation to studies. In the USA, as a rule, people go to get a profession consciously. This is their conscious choice, which is why their motivation to study is so strong,” the director noted. Concord rusam Zinaida Freink. — Studying includes a large percentage of self-preparation, because people understand that they study primarily for themselves, for their future. The exams and requirements here are much stricter. For example, a Clinical Medical Assistant requires knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology, including basic Latin. In the Private Career School system (unlike colleges), there are no general education disciplines, but students have the opportunity to better and more thoroughly understand the essence of the profession. In addition, at Concord Rusam, theoretical classes are accompanied by the study of practical skills, which makes it easier to understand and enter the profession. The school has classrooms and laboratories for practicing practical skills.”

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Teaching at Concord Rusam School is fully consistent with American standards and is conducted in English, but bilingual teachers in their free time are ready to help students with the translation of some complex things. During such additional classes, teachers sometimes explain some topics in Russian, and also exchange e-mails with students with questions and answers. Of course, all this communication is absolutely free, as an addition to the main activities.

Profession Clinical Medical Assistant For starters, immigrant nurse diploma holders often seek to get started. For many of them, this is a chance to return to the profession and work in the medical field while they are preparing for a more sophisticated exam for a registered nurse license. In addition, the certificate of Electrocardiography Technician and Phlebotomy Technician is required even by a licensed nurse if she needs to do these tests.

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Concord Rusam school not only provides a quality education, but also helps its graduates with compiling resumes and job search: managers of medical offices who have known about the school for a long time and would like to take Concord Rusam graduates to vacant positions often come here. In addition, the school provides students with clinical practice, after passing which many receive job offers. Clinical Medical Assistant - One of the most sought after medical specialties in America.

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School Concord rusam also trains specialists in medical billing and coding (Medical Billing and Coding) This profession is also very popular in the United States, where the basis of the provision of medical services is insurance medicine. The patient, the insurance company and any institution where they provide medical services are connected by a biller, that is, a specialist in Medical Billing and Coding.

Training for a biller lasts only four months, and during this time students will learn the types of insurance, master the special coding of various medical services and maintaining professional medical documentation. For admission to this course, a certificate of completion of a comprehensive school is enough. In addition to theoretical studies, students are expected to practice. At the end of the course, students pass the national exam and receive a certificate directly in the school. Specialists in Medical Billing and Coding hospitals, private medical offices, nursing homes, various laboratories and insurance companies are waiting.

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School Concord rusam, which has existed for more than ten years, helps medical professionals - holders of a "Nurse" diploma - evaluate their diploma, obtain permission to take the exam and prepare for the licensing exam Registered Nurse (RN). Thousands of students completed the appropriate NCLEX-RN course, passed the exam and work in their specialty. Training programs (like full-timeAnd online version) approved by the New York State Department of Education.

All instructors preparing for NCLEX-RN - these are Russian-speaking immigrants who themselves went this way, successfully passed the exam, found a job and are now ready to share their experience. They all have RN license and faculty license from the New York State Department of Education. This is a valuable difference between the Concord Rusam program and others like her.

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According to the school's many years of experience Concord rusamTo prepare for NCLEX-RN, not only academic medical knowledge is important, but also the skills necessary to pass this kind of exam. The computer database of the school helps a lot with this, which contains more than 30 questions and an analysis of the answers to them.

The federal exam can take from one to six hours (from 75 to 265 questions), and it is important to prepare physically and mentally for it, choose the optimal strategy and tactics that can be best advised by the one who has passed this way.

The correlation of ethics and law in medicine, the relationship between doctor and patient, the distribution of responsibilities between different medical workers - all this differs significantly in the USA and in the post-Soviet countries, not to mention pharmacology and diagnosis. Curricula vary across US colleges, however NCLEX-RN - This is a federal exam, and for its successful passing it is important to know the most frequently asked questions and principles that are the same for all educational institutions.

For more information on Concord Rusam programs, call 212-619-2260.

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Private Career School Concord Rusam

Address: 412 8th Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-619-2260
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