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20 professions in the USA with the fastest growing wages

The US is now experiencing economic growth and finding a job fairly easily. At the same time, wages in certain areas grow much faster than in the market as a whole.

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Edition GO Banking Rates used Glassdoor's career and recruiting site data to determine the list of occupations in the US labor market with the fastest-growing wages.

1. Customer Service Manager

  • Four-year salary increase: 18,3%
  • Average annual salary: $ 89 326

2. Pharmacy Technician

  • Four-year salary increase: 16,9%
  • Average annual salary: $ 33 060

Pharmacist assistants can work in pharmacies and pharmacy departments of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

You can qualify as a pharmacist assistant at a school in New York. Concord rusam. The training program takes 96 hours. Classes are conducted by highly professional instructors with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. The program includes familiarization with medicines, calculation of dosages of various drugs, methods of dosing, inventory, account management, prescriptions and laws of the State of New York in the pharmaceutical field.

After successfully fulfilling the requirements of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion, which is necessary for passing an exam for a pharmaceutical specialist. Exam takes place in the school.

3. Operations Analyst

  • Four-year salary increase: 13,6%
  • Average annual salary: $ 73 080

4. Recruiter

  • Four-year salary increase: 12,4%
  • Average annual salary: $ 64 317

5. Sales Manager

  • Four-year salary increase: 12,1%
  • Average annual salary: $ 137 650

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6. Sales Representative

  • Four-year salary increase: 12%
  • Average annual salary: $ 69 680

7. Programmer

  • Four-year salary increase: 12%
  • Average annual salary: $ 86 240

8. Ambulance Technician

  • Four-year salary increase: 11,7%
  • Average annual salary: $ 36 700

9. Certified Nurse Assistant

  • Four-year salary increase: 11,1%
  • Average annual salary: $ 28 540

A certified nurse assistant, or CNA, provides medical care to patients under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practice nurse (LPN). Certified nurse assistants can work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and care centers for the elderly.

You can also get this profession at school. Concord rusam. The school offers an 125-hour course that covers the theoretical and practical part of the work of the nurse's assistant (including the 30-hour clinical practice in the institution for qualified nurses). The program includes the study of the anatomy and physiology of all body systems; control of infectious safety; patient care and prevention of life threatening complications; rules of general patient care in various pathologies.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a school certificate.

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10. Financial advisor

  • Four-year salary increase: 10,9%
  • Average annual salary: $ 124 140

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11. Production manager

  • Four-year salary increase: 10,6%
  • Average annual salary: $ 110 580

12. Accountant

  • Four-year salary increase: 10,5%
  • Average annual salary: $ 77 920

13. Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Four-year salary increase: 10,5%
  • Average annual salary: $ 45 710 dollars

A nurse who has completed a lower level training course than a licensed nurse. Such a nurse is licensed by a state to perform certain duties.

14. Insurance Claims Agent (Adgerster)

  • Four-year salary increase: 10,4%
  • Average annual salary: $ 66 340

15. Licensed Nurse (Registered Nurse)

  • Four-year salary increase: 10,2%
  • Average annual salary: $ 73 550

The growth in the number of jobs for registered nurses in the US labor market is on the rise, with the projected growth rates up to 2026 being 15%, which is much faster than the average for other professions.

Prepare for passing the exam on licens Registered Nurse вam help in school Concord rusam. The lectures are provided with handouts for students, where each topic is presented in a lighter form for perception, tests are being analyzed. At any time convenient for you, you can study independently in a computer class, where there is a complete base of exam questions. This is an excellent chance for people with medical education in their home countries to master a highly paid and promising specialty in the United States.

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16. Insurance agent

  • Four-year salary increase: 10,1%
  • Average annual salary: $ 66 990

17. Web Designer

  • Four-year salary increase: 10,1%
  • Average annual salary: $ 75 998

18. Paraligal

  • Four-year salary increase: 10%
  • Average annual salary: $ 53 910

The Paralegals, having no higher legal education, are assistants to lawyers and perform part of their functions. At the same time, they cannot perform functions for which lawyers are entitled by law, that is, to offer legal services on their own behalf, to occupy permanent positions in the law enforcement system and courts. This profession has become widespread in the United States and Canada due to the high demand for legal services. In these countries, there are 2-3 summer courses that you must complete in order to receive the specialty paralegal.

However school Concord rusam It offers a faster and easier way to get this specialty. This program takes 455 theory hours, and also includes practice at a law office. Training is conducted by licensed instructors who have not only theoretical knowledge, but also real experience in the legal field. The course includes corporate laws, immigration laws, criminal laws, New York State laws, federal laws, etc.

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, students will receive a certificate of completion required for admission to the National Legal Assistant Examination (NALA) exam, which allows them to work in any region of the United States. For the convenience of graduates, the exam is held on the premises of the school.

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19. Teacher

  • Four-year salary increase: 9,7%
  • Average annual salary: $ 62 860

20. Business Development Manager

  • Four-year salary increase: 9,7%
  • Average annual salary: $ 121 629

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