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A trucker is not always a long trip: the advantages of working as a regional trucker

Everyone who at least once thought about moving to America and was interested in the labor market in the United States knows that it is very profitable to be a trucker in this country. However, many are stopped by the need for long trips and frequent stay away from family.

Photo: Arka Express

All these problems are solved by working as a regional trucker. In addition to the standard benefits of being a trucker in the United States, working as a regional trucker offers a number of particularly pleasant benefits. ForumDaily asked logistics company Arka Express, which hires truckers for regional trips, talk about the specifics of this type of work.

The advantages of working as a regional trucker:

1. The driver spends every weekend at home with his family, since he does not have long trips across the continent - only to the nearest states. Moreover, if he has the opportunity and desire to earn more, then he can take cargo for the weekend. Arka Express offers truckers flexible working hours so that everyone can find the optimal balance of load, rest and earnings.

Another nice bonus for drivers in Arka Express is cooperation with permanent partner companies. That is, truckers go to the same places, along the same routes, which is easier, because you know where to go, where to drop off the cargo, with whom to discuss the issues that have arisen, etc. This knowledge greatly simplifies life and saves time, allowing you to make more walk and travel more miles than if you had to travel to new places every time and look for answers to questions about the organization of processes.

2. Stable income. Arka Express pays owner-operator 80% of the gross (it's about 7-10 thousand dollars a week). The payment of truck drivers of the company varies depending on the region and can reach $ 0,75 per mile... It is also possible to work at a rate - $ 350 daily.

In addition, Arka Express operates a merit-based payment system, which means that responsible and compliant drivers are constantly rewarded for their efforts and experience.

Photo: Arka Express

3. Medical insurance and other benefits. Everyone collaborating with Arka Express The trucker (regardless of whether he is a company driver or an owner-operator) receives health insurance from the company, a 401K retirement plan, paid vacation, and life insurance.

Arka Express takes the health and future of its employees very seriously, because they understand that such investments make their work more efficient and increase the level of loyalty to the company, which is extremely important in the highly competitive environment of cargo transportation in America.

4. This kind of work is suitable for immigrants. Although it is not easy to get a license to drive a truck, it is easier and faster than a higher education in the United States. The work of the tracker is responsible, so they prepare them for several months, you need to master not only driving, but also safety rules and ensuring their implementation. All this knowledge must be confirmed on the exam. But the efforts are worth it - the tracker's salary is high, and there will be no shortage of orders.

In addition, an average level of English and at least a year of experience as a truck driver will be enough for employment as a truck driver. An additional bonus is the weekly salary payment in Arka Express, which is very beneficial for immigrants who are just settling their lives in the United States and in need of finance.

Photo: Arka Express

5. Work in a stable, rapidly developing company. In just 10 years, Arka Express has grown from a small truck business with 35 trucks to a large company with 400 modern trucks. In addition to the main office in Markham, Illinois, Arka Express is now opening headquarters in Atlanta and Pennsylvania, so the area for hiring drivers and travel is expanding significantly.

All trucks of the company are new and equipped with modern technologies, which greatly simplifies the work of the driver, and also does not require him to spend frequent time on repairs and troubleshooting. If the need for repair does arise, then in the terminal where the Arka Express trucks are repaired, the driver has the opportunity to relax in comfortable conditions, eat, sleep, take a shower, wash things, etc.

If you are not ready for long trips, have experience working as a trucker and want to make good money, then work as a regional trucker in the USA - what you need.

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