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Worth a visit: America’s 25 most impressive mountain towns

Are you a fan of magnificent hills and breathtaking landscapes? Then these mountain towns should be on your list when you plan your next vacation. Reader's Digest invites you to pay attention to the 25 most impressive mountain cities in America.

Whitesburg, Kentucky. Photo: Shutterstock

Dalonega, Georgia

Dalonega is a fabulous destination nestled in the mountains of North Georgia, with breathtaking scenery and rural charm. Taste local wines in the tasting rooms surrounding the main square, visit the Gold Museum, enter the 1836 courthouse, or head to Amicola Falls State Park.

Asheville, North Carolina

Take an excursion to Biltmore Manor (George Washington's Vanderbilt mansion and the most famous house in the state) and the North Carolina Arboretum for a rejuvenating massage at Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville. This American-style Alpine paradise also spans 17 farmers markets that sell seasonal produce, freshly baked bread, and homemade cheeses.

Townsend, Tennessee

Planning a trip to Tennessee? Townsend definitely deserves a pit stop. Firstly, this is one of the three “gates” to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But the sights do not end there. In the caves of Takalichi there are underground passages, stalagmites and stalactites, and in the cellars of Cades Cove you can drink a sip of another wine.

Menton, Alabama

Perched atop Mount Lookout in DeKalb County, Menton - the highest city in the state - is a quiet community with fresh air, bird chirping and fragrant wildflowers. No doubt you will want to enjoy nature on a mountain near you - try hiking to DeSoto Falls.

Bottino, North Dakota

Located at the foot of Turtle Mountain, Bottino is a bastion of natural beauty. Endless activities, warm hospitality and mouth-watering traditions (who can pass up the chance to sample the famous vanilla ice cream at Pride Dairy?) Make this a friendly place to visit all year round.

Thompsonville, MI

Thompsonville is a tiny village next to Mount Crystal. The resort, open all year round, offers ski lifts, rock climbing, laser tag, golf and classic accommodations. Visit Michigan Art Heritage Park, a 30-acre conservation area with sculptures, long walking trails and an outdoor amphitheater.

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Whitesburg, Kentucky

Kentucky conjures up images of horse racing, bourbon and baseball. But not only. Whitesburg is a former coal-mining enclave that now boasts a creative ambiance. Once forgotten by people, the area has recently begun a new life: it is full of new bars, studios and places where you can listen to live music. Travelers looking to interact with nature should head to Mount Pine.

Custer, South Dakota

Located at the edge of Custer State Park, Crown Jewel of the Black Hills is almost like Disney World. The city has a unique character and history. Bonus: Famous attractions such as Mount Rushmore, Mad Horse Monument and Wind Cave National Park are within walking distance.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Whether you're a beginner or a professional skier, Sun Valley has slopes to suit all skill levels. Here you can also go dog sledding and ice skating. Scenic walks, golfing and rafting are good reasons to visit this place in summer. There are also wonderful restaurants and shops here.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Originally a fur trading hub, Jackson Hole remains faithful to its Old West roots and offers many outdoor adventures. This is the perfect base camp for exploring the beauties of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Ready to unpack your gear? You can splurge on Amangani Resort or stay at Anvil Hotel, a renovated 1950s house in the city center. Did you know that Teton County is one of the 10 places in America where people live the longest?

Bend Oregon

Located three hours southeast of Portland on the Deschutes River, Bend is the antidote to longing. Mild weather and 300 days of sunshine a year means you can enjoy the outdoors 24/7/365. Walk along the waterfront or walk up to Pilot Butte Volcano. In case it rains, you can always go to the High Desert Museum.

Darby Montana

This state has tons of hidden treasures - and Darby is one of them. Surrounded by the Bitterroot Mountains, Darby exudes the spirit of the true American West. This charming city offers landscaped parks, trails for travelers of all skill levels and authentic accommodations.

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Aspen, Colorado

Aspen attracts a crowd of people with the possibility of outdoor recreation and an exceptional reputation (high-class restaurants, boutiques and five-star hotels). Winter and snow-capped peaks add color to this place. Hiking, cycling and horse riding complete the irresistible landscape. Be sure to visit the Wheeler Opera House, built during the 19th-century mountain boom.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff is much more than just an excellent base from which to explore famous landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and Route 66. For starters, it is located next to North America's largest pine forest, Ponderosa. Access to Humphreys Peak (Arizona's highest mountain) is definitely another feather in her hat! Want to know where to stay? Set up a tent at one of the many campgrounds, rent a mobile home or a cozy detached house.

Park City Utah

Located high in the Wasatch Mountains, Park City is known for its beautiful slopes. The holy grail for winter sports enthusiasts boasts two world-class resorts and over 400 miles of pistes. And in summer, these are chic hotels and spas.

Telluride, Colorado

From fishing and hiking to cross-country skiing and snowboarding, this once gold rush town offers entertainment all year round. Alternatively, thrill seekers can ride the gondola. A great idea is to check out the Telluride History Museum and watch a show at the Sheridan Opera House.

Woodstock, New York

Woodstock, better known as the mastermind of the legendary music festival, can do a lot. Artists, dreamers and freethinkers have long flocked to this hippie paradise. No matter how many decades pass, its laid-back atmosphere will never collapse. The idyllic landscape abounds with trees, family farms and scenic peaks, including Mount Overluk. By the way, it’s cheaper to come to Woodstock in the fall.

Carrabassett Valley, Maine

Located in western Maine, this city is well worth a visit in winter or summer. Avid skiers and snowboarders gather on Sugarloaf Mountain during the snowy season. When temperatures rise, hiking and biking enthusiasts come here (Bigelow Nature Reserve and Appalachian Trail are recommended. Fewer crowds are another reason to come to Carrabassett Valley in summer.

North Conway, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is sometimes undeservedly forgotten when planning travel, but North Conway can change that. Its rolling hills, glittering lakes and spreading forests are the perfect landscape for postcards. You can stay overnight at the Stonehurst estate.

Ligonier, PA

Unless you're a Pennsylvania native, Ligonier is probably not on your radar. And in vain. This typical small town, built in the 1760s, is teeming with historical sites and traditional architecture. Traveling with children? There are many green spaces and family activities here. Summer vacation is not complete without a visit to Idlewild & SoakZone, the most popular amusement park in the area. The snowy season lasts from late November to early April.

Fish Camp, California

The most important thing about Fish Camp is that it is 10 minutes' drive from the south entrance to Yosemite National Park. However, travelers shouldn't be in a rush. At 4990 feet (1520 meters), this tiny settlement attracts with its high-rise views and quirky hotels. For a full-service resort, consider Tenaya Lodge.

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Truckee California

Truckee, located on the California-Nevada border, is touted as "a real city with unreal backyards." It's gorgeous - from the sparkling waters and sandy shores of Lake Tahoe to Donner Memorial State Park, which features campgrounds, multipurpose trails and climbing sites. The Boca Reservoir offers salmon fishing.

Idyllfield california

Need a break from the hustle and bustle? This city attracts with a relaxed atmosphere, and maybe with shops and cafes located so well. The smell of cedar and pine floating in the air encourages visitors to stop. Although this is not a reason to sit back, especially when you can organize fantastic hiking, fishing and picnics.

South Lake Tahoe, California

Beaches, ski resorts and forests are just some of the reasons why Californians and visitors alike love this city. Spend a few days enjoying the spectacular views from the Heavenly Gondola, taking a fun off-road excursion, or wandering the forest paths through Van Sickle State Park. To enjoy the high stakes, head to the casino in neighboring Stateline, Nevada.

Cordoba, Alaska

Located near the mouth of the Copper River in Prince William Sound, Cordoba is full of crystal clear waters, dense forests, narrow mountain ranges, jagged peaks and wetlands. In the summer you can go fishing and kayaking, and in the winter you can ski and take glacier tours. Wildlife photography is a popular pastime throughout the year.

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