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The verb set has 464 meanings: we analyze the most popular of them

What does set mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word has as many as 464 interpretations! Portal Tryeng collected the most popular of them.

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Basic meaning of the word set

1. Most often, set is used to mean “install”.

It is used both to say about the installation of some material objects, and about:

  • records - set records;
  • rules - set the rules;
  • standards - set standards.

2. It can also be used as a synonym for put - to put:

to set the vase on a table - put the vase on the table; set the chair by that wall - put a chair against that wall.

Also, this word is used for the phrase “set the alarm for a specific time” - set the alarm for 9:00 am.

3. Another common meaning of this word is “to appoint”:

  • set a price - set a price;
  • set a date - set a date;
  • set a time - set the time.

4. Set and with abstract concepts are used, for example:

  • set a goal - set a goal;
  • set conditions - set the conditions.

5. Giving a task / tasking someone

  • to set a sum - set the task;
  • to set questions in the exam - ask questions on the exam;
  • to set the lessons for tomorrow - set the lessons for tomorrow.

6. Encourage some action / cause some kind of reaction

  • This film set me thinking - This film made me think (prompted me to think);
  • His joke set me laughing - His joke made me laugh.

7. Give importance

  • to set a great deal on something - attach great importance to something;
  • to set little on something - give little value to something.

8. Consider something somehow

  • He sets himself better than others - He considers himself better than others;
  • She sets him among the great musicians - She considers him one of the greatest musicians.

9. Do hairstyle / hairstyle

  • to set one's hair

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Phrasal Verbs with SET

In addition, there are many phrasal verbs with the word set. We offer you to learn the main ones.

1. Set out

Plan to do something
Today I'm setting out to write a letter to my colleague - Today I'm going to write a letter to my colleague.

Hit the road
He spent three days at home and set out again - He spent three days at home and hit the road again.

Point, show
The main information is set out in the booklet - Basic information is indicated in the booklet.

2. Set about

Start doing something
I've set about writing the report in the morning - I started writing the report in the morning.

3. Set apart

Put separately, set aside, separate
May you set this dress apart for me? I'll be back for it on Friday - Could you put this dress down for me? I'll be back for it on Friday.

Different, stand out
She likes to wear bright clothes because she thinks it sets her apart from the crowd - She likes to wear bright clothes because she thinks she sets her apart from the crowd.

4. Set aside

Leave, put off
I set aside some money for vacation every month - Every month I save money for vacation.

Cancel, reject
The decision was set aside by the majority of votes - The decision was rejected by a majority of votes.

5. Set back

Slow down, suspend development, progress
The lack of money sets our research back - Lack of money pauses the development of our research.

Cost someone something (used only in informal speech), cost a certain amount
His new house must've set him back a pretty steep fare - His new house must have cost him a pretty penny.

6. Set forth

Available to state thoughts
He is going to set forth his idea of ​​healthy diet in his book - He plans to outline his idea of ​​healthy eating in his book.

7. Set forward

Make a proposal, candidacy
The new Prime Minister set forward a series of propositions to the vote - The new Prime Minister has put forward a number of proposals for the vote.

8. Set free

The man was found not guilty and they set him free - This man was found innocent and they released him.

9. Set up

It can mean the same as just the verb set - set, set, enter orders.

Substitute someone
I counted on her, but she set me up - I counted on her, but she set me up.

Impersonating who you are not
Emma sets her up as an financial expert, that's really annoying - Emma is posing as a financial expert, which is very annoying.

Establish a company, committee, start a business
The young scientist set up his own training institute - The young scientist created his own training organization.

Put on feet
His father set him up after his alcohol addiction - His father put him on his feet after alcohol addiction.

There are other phrasal verbs with the word set, however, these are the ones most often used.

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