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What will happen if there is black caviar every day

What happens if you eat caviar every day? The first thing that came to your mind in response to this question is probably that there will NOT be a few hundred dollars in your wallet. However, this delicacy is worth every penny spent on it and more. And that's why.

Photo: Number One Caviar

If you often eat caviar, then:

1. You will live longer

Studies have shown that people who often consume caviar live 7-10 years longer. It's all about the wealth of this product, they explained to us in a New York store. Number one caviar, caviar from which America's best chefs buy. Amino acids, proteins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D - all this is rich in black caviar. It contains phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, calcium, potassium, iron and other minerals necessary for the normal functioning of human organs and systems.

What can I say, if black caviar is even a lifesaver from a hangover, since it is quickly absorbed and restores the body's strength.

Due to its high iron content, black caviar helps to increase hemoglobin - an iron-containing protein that carries oxygen from the respiratory system to the tissues and systems of the body. In addition, caviar improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity of the walls and blood vessels. Sturgeon caviar even helps fight some cancers: the vitamins A and D contained in it bind free radicals, which are considered one of the causes of cancer. The consumption of sturgeon caviar is also beneficial for those who go in for sports - the large amount of protein contained in caviar makes it possible to abandon harmful food additives and steroids.

2. You will look younger

Rejuvenation comes due to the fact that the substances contained in black caviar stimulate the production of its own collagen, it ensures the strength and tone of the skin, restores its cells, and inhibits the development of tumor-like formations of the skin. In South Korea, which is famous for its effective cosmetics, black caviar face mask is one of the most popular products.

3. The fire in your love life will definitely not go out

Black caviar is a powerful aphrodisiac. Trace elements and vitamins contained in eggs accelerate metabolic processes, give an enormous supply of energy and provoke sexual desire. If you decide to go further, then during pregnancy, black caviar is a must-have product. Folic acid, iodine, proteins and amino acids, many other useful substances, trace elements and minerals - everything that a future baby needs is already contained in precious eggs.

4. You may have a better sense of humor, but that's not certain ...

Charlie Chaplin was crazy about black caviar. He received one of the royalties for filming in the form of this noble product. The legendary comedian couldn't love him just like that ...

How to choose the right caviar

Of course, for the manifestation of all these effects, caviar must be natural and of high quality, and therefore this product must be chosen responsibly. Here are some criteria that experts from Number one caviar.


Black caviar is never cheap. In America, quality black caviar cannot cost less than $ 600 per kilogram. This is due to the cost of feeding and keeping fish in conditions as close as possible to natural conditions, since only then the caviar retains all the beneficial properties. If you see caviar, which costs much less, do not even hesitate - they want to deceive you.

Photo Shoot: Number one caviar


For many years, black caviar was mined at sea. Due to uncontrolled fishing, sturgeon breeds were included in the Red Book, and an embargo was introduced on the sale of wild sturgeon caviar. However, today sturgeon are bred in aquaculture enterprises - farms in natural reservoirs, such as lakes, and they also use sparing technologies for obtaining caviar that do not require killing fish. Sturgeon fish begin to spawn at the age of at least 8 years, and the older the fish, the more valuable (and tastier) the caviar. It is important that the fish nutrition is monitored on farms and the most natural conditions are created for them - then the caviar will be of the highest quality.

New york company Number one caviar on his farms he controls the entire process - from fry to the production of black caviar. This allows you to achieve the highest quality and maintain a low percentage of salt in the caviar. The company is confident in the benefits and naturalness of each egg.


Some people think that the blacker the caviar, the better it is. But Number One Caviar explained that the opposite is true - the lighter the caviar, the more expensive it is. All Michelin-starred restaurants, and Number one caviar cooperates with many of them, preferring light color of caviar. The color of high-quality mature caviar is from silvery black to black with a golden hue. In addition, there should not be a lot of liquid in the jar, the eggs should be whole, not dented, of the same size.

Accompanying documents

Black caviar must be certified. The high quality of the product is evidenced by the accompanying documents, which must be provided by a bona fide manufacturer. They must state that black caviar comes from aquacultured sturgeon and that it has a CITES permit. Have Number one caviar all these documents are there. At the same time, the company's specialists advise buyers to always check the availability of these certificates when purchasing a product such as caviar. The purchase of low-quality and fake caviar is not only a waste of money, but also a health risk.

Brooklyn residents have the opportunity to personally appreciate the range of products and the friendliness of the employees Number one caviar. The company's store is located on 282A Brighton Beach Ave. in Brooklyn and there guests are always welcome.

Why is it worth buying black caviar in Number one caviar:
  • the company has its own farms, which guarantees quality control at every stage of production;
  • the company cooperates with the best restaurants and the coolest chefs in America, which means that the caviar from Number One Caviar is not only of high quality, but also of excellent taste;
  • safety and good value for money. Number One Caviar has all the necessary certificates that guarantee the naturalness and benefits of the product. At the same time, the company offers packages of different sizes, which make it possible to save money.

Material prepared in partnership with

Number one caviar

Web: numberonecaviar.com
cell: (718) 715-0969
e-mail: info@numberonecaviar.com
address: 282A Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY

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