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Return youth: scientists have discovered a way to restore the previous color of gray hair

With age, many often develop gray hair. Of course, people want to hinder the natural process of the human body, which, as it were, signals the approaching old age. And for this there are means designed to prevent such a process. Yes, some of them promise to get rid of gray hair. But there are those that can return the hair to its natural color. Is this possible, the publication found out Huff Post.

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Even L'Oreal took up the topic by announcing in 2011 that it would release an all-natural pill that would prevent gray hair within five years. But after a while, a spokesman for L'Oreal said that this is no longer a priority area of ​​their research and innovation group.

But as this abandoned project hints, the reality of preventing and reversing gray hair isn't as simple as popping a pill—at least not yet.

The mechanisms behind hair coloring are complex, as the appearance of gray hair is caused by the loss of pigment. As we age, we produce less of it, which leads to gray hair. When exactly this happens is genetically determined.

But there are several reasons why gray hair can grow ahead of time. Craig Ziering, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Ziering Medical, says a deficiency in vitamins, especially B6, B12, D, E, or biotin, can accelerate the growth of gray hair.

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Oxidative stress, caused by both internal factors (such as an unhealthy diet) and the environment (say, UV radiation), may well play a role. Smoking also has a significant impact: “Studies have shown that smokers are twice as likely to go gray before age 30 as non-smokers,” Ziering noted.

Even hair products, including those used to color or bleach hair, can contain ingredients that reduce the level of melanin in hair.

“Hydrogen peroxide, which is found in many hair dyes, is one such harmful chemical. Excessive use of hair bleaching products will also eventually lead to gray hair,” warned the dermatologist.

Stress is also a very significant factor - think about the often mentioned comparison between presidents in their first and last years in office.

Keeping your hair free of silver is big business: take a look at the range of products available that claim to work as a gray treatment. But, according to experts, it is impossible to return hair to its original color or prevent age-related pigment loss.

“Certain nutritional deficiencies and health conditions can cause premature graying, but it is impossible to restore natural hair color if it is hereditary or caused by natural aging,” says Ziering.

However, don't lose hope if you want to minimize the number of gray hairs. Even based on what we know about their nature (that is, once your hair goes gray, there's no turning back), one study found that reducing stress can help with this issue. The researchers found that some subjects had previously gray hair repigmented after the subjects went on vacation. The study has its limitations, but it demonstrates that stress, like stress reduction, can actually affect hair color.

“We can't completely rid our hair of gray,” says Martin Picard, a Columbia University researcher and author of a study on the topic. “However, this observation shows that aging is malleable—it is not a fixed, predetermined process. Our behavior and perhaps our perception of the world, as well as our stress levels, influence how quickly our cells age and when our hair eventually turns grey.”

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In addition to reducing stress, there are other methods that can help minimize the development of new grays, but only if the cause is lifestyle or lack of nutrition.

“Certain vitamins and minerals help ensure that your hair follicles have maximum nutritional value to perform metabolic functions in the follicle, one of which is producing the pigments that hair needs to maintain its natural color,” Ziering explained. “Amino acids and proteins that trigger metabolic functions in our follicles are beneficial.”

“Eat well, sleep well, manage environmental factors and avoid smoking,” he advises. — Use sun protection for your hair and scalp. Increase your intake of calcium, protein and B vitamins.”

For those supplements that claim to prevent gray hair, they can technically work by replenishing nutrient deficiencies, but no more than eating a healthy diet or taking a multivitamin.

Treatments are currently being tested and shown to reverse hair graying and repigmentation. “These agents include enzymes such as catalase, which break down hydrogen peroxide, which is known to accumulate in the dermis of graying hair,” explained Craig Ziering. “In the future, this could someday become the basis of a treatment that reverses the depletion of the pigment potential of hair follicle melanocytes.”

“Not today or tomorrow, but in the near future we could potentially find a treatment that will lead to the restoration of richer, more youthful hair color,” the founder of Ziering Medical finally said.

A Columbia University researcher also continues to study the nature of gray hair. “I think we will learn more about the influence of the mind on the body. Picard shared his thoughts about how our human experience is fixed in our biology - in our hair. “The mind and body are connected, and you can see it even in your hair.”

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