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More dangerous than Yellowstone: a supervolcano in Antarctica can destroy half the planet

In Antarctica, scientists have discovered a supervolcano that is larger and potentially more dangerous than even one of the most eerie volcanoes in the world - the Yellowstone Caldera. Writes about it Reporter.

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Scientists have found a whole group of volcanoes under the ice of Antarctica. It turned out that one of them is even bigger and potentially more dangerous than Yellowstone.

The eruption of such a "monster", and even in the thickness of millennial ice, will cause catastrophic destabilization of the Antarctic ice sheet. Billions of tons of fresh water will pour into the World Ocean, which will lead not only to a rise in its level, but also to disrupt the main ocean currents, in particular the Gulf Stream.

Thawing only 2% of the Antarctic ice sheet is fraught with flooding of cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Shanghai and many other coastal megacities. The vast majority of islands in the Indian and Atlantic oceans will forever go under water.

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All the inhabitants of the planet, wherever they are, will feel the consequences of the ash release from the Antarctic supervolcano. In addition, the huge emissions of water vapor generated by the contact of hot lava and frozen ice will have a detrimental effect on the Earth's climate. Lingering rains, combined with ash, will turn entire regions of the planet into uninhabitable space.

The Yellowstone Caldera, or as it is also called the Yellowstone Supervolcano, is located in Wyoming on the territory of Yellowstone National Park and occupies a third of it. Geologically speaking, this is in every sense of the word "hot spot": a huge bubble of molten magma, covered by a plateau.

Scientists know three eruptions of this supervolcano: 2,1 million years ago, 1,3 million and 640 thousand years ago. Eruptions occur every 600-800 thousand years, which means that now humanity is in anticipation of the eruption of Yellowstone, since the time has come.

Volcano specialist Brian Walsh, describing the imminent eruption, said that a strong earthquake would first occur, which would indicate the movement of magma to the surface. Then an explosion of the caldera will follow, and lava will flood within a few days everything within a radius of 65 kilometers from the volcano. Hot ash clouds will destroy vegetation over great distances, damage infrastructure, power lines, and disrupt water supplies.

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For the United States, this will be a real disaster, but the whole planet will suffer. The release of ash into the atmosphere will cause an ongoing long-term winter, which will lead to enormous damage in agriculture, starvation and the extinction of many species of animals and plants.

Humanity is likely to survive, but will face the grave problem of hunger and the inevitable conflicts in this case over resources. Civilizations in the form as we know it will be dealt a crushing blow. After Yellowstone, everything will be different.

But it is very difficult to predict the eruption, both supervolcanoes can “sleep” for hundreds of years, and can wake up in the coming years.

In addition, American researchers have calculated and established that a blow to the planet of a large celestial body (meteorite) will inevitably cause a Yellowstone eruption.

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