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18 most dangerous volcano in the USA

The US Geological Survey (USGS) called 18 the most dangerous volcanoes located in the country.

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They are characterized by a high risk of eruption in the near future, which could have disastrous consequences, writes “Rambler".

In the first place on the list of the highest volcanic threats is the shield volcano Kilauea, located on the Big Island of Hawaii. During the last series of eruptions in 2018-2020, the lava flow destroyed several hundred houses.

The second place is occupied by Mount St. Helens, which exploded and killed 1980 people in 57 year, and the third place was taken by the sleeping stratovolcano Reinir, which represents a danger to 150 thousands of people in the event of eruption.

The remaining places in the list were as follows:

4. Redaubt Volcano, Alaska

5. Mount Shasta, California

6. Mount Hood, Oregon

7. Sree Sisters, Oregon

8. Akutan Island, Alaska

9. Makushin Volcano, Alaska

10. Mount Spurr, Alaska

11. Lassen Volcanic Center, California

12. Volcano Augustine, Alaska

13. Newberry Volcano, Oregon

14. Mount Baker, WA

15. Glacier Peak, WA

16. Mauna Loa, Hawaii

17. Crater Lake, Oregon

18. Long Valley Caldera, California

Specialists did not include the Yellowstone Caldera in this list, since its eruption, which can reach the highest category on a scale of volcanic activity, remains unlikely.

Most of the most dangerous volcanoes are located on the west coast of the United States: three volcanoes are in California, five in Alaska, and four each in Washington and Oregon.

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