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The White House tightens requirements for recipients of food stamps: it will affect hundreds of thousands of people

The Trump administration has tightened job requirements for those who receive food stamps. Innovation can affect hundreds of thousands of people who rely on such a program, writes Fox News.

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The new rule was the first of three proposed in relation to the SNAP program, covering more than 36 million people.

According to the plan, adult able-bodied SNAP members who can apply for permanent employment will no longer be able to receive benefits.

The Department of Agriculture estimates that this change will save approximately $ 5,5 billion over five years and reduce benefits for nearly 700 000 SNAP recipients.

According to current rules, able-bodied adults aged 18 to 49 years and without dependents can receive SNAP benefits only for the first three months of the first three years if they do not meet the requirements for 20-hour work. States with high unemployment or a lack of sufficient jobs may waive these time limits.

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Under the new rule, states can waive requirements only if the unemployment rate in a city or county is 6 or more percent. Failures will be valid for one year and will require support of the request from the governor.

The final rule will be published in the federal registry on Thursday, December 5, and will enter into force in April.

Democrats in Congress hastened to condemn the administration.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California, commented on the Trump administration's efforts to reduce public goods.

“Instead of fighting food insecurity for millions, providing people with well-paid jobs or eliminating income inequalities, the administration imposes its harsh rule on millions of Americans across the country who face the highest barriers to employment and economic stability,” Pelosi said in a statement.

Brandon Lipps, Under Secretary of Food and Consumer Services, US Department of Agriculture, did not say when his agency would complete the development of two other proposed rules.

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According to a study published last month by the Institute of Urbanism, these three measures collectively affect approximately 2,2 million families and 3,7 million individual beneficiaries.

ForumDaily wrote earlier that US Department of Homeland Security developed a draft regulation that will allow immigration officials to take into account immigrants' use of benefits such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as food stamps) and even housing and travel subsidies (when deciding on a visa application or green cards.

These measures have led to legal and illegal immigrants refuse from state aid in the purchase of infant formula and healthy food for children, because they fear that the Trump administration will not allow them to receive green cards if such assistance is provided.

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